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Mar 2, 2007 10:37 PM

Yuji Wakiya

Japans neo-chinese cuisine coming to NYC!!!

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  1. He and Chin Kenichi are revered as the two gods of Chinese food in Japan. Will be interesting how his food fares against other Chinese temples in Gotham.

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    1. re: Yukari

      Article in yesterday's NYT on it here:

      Can't wait to try it!

      1. re: Kanger

        cold sesame chicken seasoned with chili...yes, please! my mouth is watering already.

      2. re: Yukari

        It will be interesting to see how NYers will receive pricey Japanese-Chinese (or wafu-chuka) cuisine. There already is another wafu-chuka restaurant opened by a chef who worked under Chen Kenichi in Tokyo. That's Saburi on Lexington around 30th. I'm not sure how Saburi is being received by the NY public, but it seems to be popular enough with the Japanese salaryman crew who go there for familiar dishes and drinks, like warmed chinese rice wine (shokoshu). I don't think it's obvious to the average NYer that this is different from other Chinese restaurants, as I've witnessed many non-Japanese people walk out of there after seeing the prices and the not-so-familiar menu, or otherwise baffled by the experience. But then I've seen groups of Japanese salarymen getting served what looked like an omakase course as well (that looked great).

        1. re: E Eto

          i took a quick look in saburi the other night on the way to mishima (which is great btw) for sushi. it was empty save for a large table of the japanese salarymen that you mention, but the menu really intrigued me. i'd like to go back to try the cold noodles and a few other dishes that caught my eye.