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New baby dinner ideas

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A friend just had her second baby. I hope to visit soon. I am well aware that one of the best things you can do for parents of a new baby, (this is their second), is to give them some good food for dinner some night. It has to be freezable as I would never presume that they should eat it that night. Also, no red sauce dishes, (lasagne, eggplant parm, etc). She makes the very best red sauce dishes I can think of, so I wouldn't want to intrude on that. What are other good, freezable meals I could make for a family of three eaters? As an aside, They do not have any food restrictions of any kind. Thanks.

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  1. A few days after I gave birth, my mom made a beef stew that was exactly what I was craving at the time. She made a lot of it, and it froze well. Just a basic stew with big chunks of beef, carrots, onions, maybe some mushrooms. I don't think it was a particularly special recipe but man it sure hit the spot.

    1. Why not ask what she's craving? Maybe she's jonesing for something, and that could *really* make their day!

      1. How about the Barefoot Contessa's recipe for Chicken Stew with Biscuits?

        1. soups:
          white bean and sausage
          chicken noodle
          carrot ginger

          quiches freeze well and reheat easily, so do muffins, cookies and brownies.

          1. If you so a search on chow for "cooking new parents" there have been other threads on this. I am a fan of soups, myself.

            1. Just a tip, when I had my daughter, I was nursing so there were many times when I had to eat while feeding her. Meals that I could eat with one hand became a godsend. Muffins, homemade bread for breakfast, veggie calzones for lunch, etc.

              Also, the best gift was something my Mom did for me. Unlimited fresh fruit! She delivered bags of fresh whole fruit from the farmers market to me every week. To be able to grab a healthy snack while nursing was great and I'm sure it helped keep the baby healthy too. And now I have a new talent: I can peel and orange with one hand!

              1. Well, I actually just had my 2nd, and for the past month have had friends bringing things. Also, I will be doing the same for my expecting friends in the upcoming months (below are 2 threads on this). As I did receive a lot of the red sauce dishes, some others included baked chicken dishes, pot roast, tortellini alfredo, chicken pot pie, etc. I will say that I really enjoyed the fresh salads that came with the meal- as it was difficult to have those ingredients/make up a nice salad on my own. Also, some brought dessert & some didn't. Really anything is great & appreciated.
                If you have the time a nice turkey, cranberry sauce, veggie & stuffing or mashed potatoes would be great- very comforting & something that there is no time to do right now.

                I will be making 1) homemade mac & cheese, along with oven baked chiicken or sweet&sour meatballs, and a salad,2) pot roast or brisket with salad & fresh bread, 3) some type of stew/chili with bread. 4) whatever else I come up with.....that I can make while with my newborn & toddler:)


                1. Thanks for all the tips everyone. Funny about the Barefoot Contessa idea. I don't have any of her books, but have been wanting to get one or two for a while now. Maybe this will be the impetus. Could someone tell me which book contains the chicken stew recipe?

                  I think, however, that maybe I will go with a nice butternut bisque and a loaf of bread. I have a ton of squash in my freezer from my CSA share, and truth be told, I am not all that fond of butternut squash. I know my friend is though, so this might be a great way to use it up.

                  Thanks again. Sometimes you just need a little help to see what is right in front of your face.

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                    The Chicken Stew with Biscuits is in her Family Style cookbook.