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Mar 2, 2007 08:57 PM

No Love for Todd English?

I noticed on the Boston board that Todd English and Olives in particular seem to get more bashing than praise. Perhaps some of his places are lacking or what have you, and he is busy traveling to his restaurants around the country, but what is the word on Olives? I know its not 'the' place in Boston as it was a while back, and it had a few rough years, but is it coming back into stride again? Anyone have recent trips there?

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  1. No recent experiences, but the Charlestown location had problems with the board of health. English is a great salesman, but the actual product is pretty lame.

    1. not a big fan of Todd English and the last time i went to Olives was in NYC Union Square The W...wasn't impressed. you either hate him or love him and personally i think he is overrated.

      1. I personally put him in a class with Jim Koch of Sam Adams. He started at good food revolution here, graduated some great chefs but now is spread far too thin to make an impact. When he was the only game in town, Olives was at it's best quite good and innovative.Now with so many options, I'm sure it's still good, but is it great? Doubtful. I haven't been in 10 or so years.

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          I don't get how that relates to Jim Koch. Sam Adams is still innovating and making an impact on the craft beer world.

        2. Wouldn't leave my money with him. Unless you want to buy smile, good looks and an overabundance of ego go elsewhere. Boston has GREAT restos that serve great food by people who care. Not interested in fair food served with attitude by a cartoon character.

          1. I've never had a bad meal at Olives in Charlestown, but I'll be honest I have my favorites that I crave and they never let me down. to start: That presentation of froccacia bread with oils/garlic and olives. I just absolutely love his tuna ta ta appetiser. And I most always get a good lamb or steak dish that is very very good.

            I do strongly believe you can't continue to be successful when you start to spread yourself too thin though. I saw him recenlty selling and promoting his line of pots/pans. I like Ming's (Blue Ginger) philosophy - I want to do it right and by doing one restaurant and only a couple other small ventures, I can concentrate on doing it right - otherwise it starts to slip. (it was something like that, pllus his family is high on that list too)