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Mar 2, 2007 08:32 PM

Are there any Mario Batali restaurants you'd recommend?

I have a big Mario fan coming to visit soon and would like to bring her to one of his restaurants. I'm having a hard time choosing. Any advice - positive or negative - woudl be appreciated!

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  1. Babbo is my favorite italian place anywhere.

    Otto is good.

    Have not been to others...

    1. thanks - what are your favorite Babbo dishes? and at Otto?

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        Only been to otto twice so I dont have details but I liked the pasta I had. You must get olive oil gelatto for dessert no matter which batali restaurant you go to btw. It is awesome.

        Babbo I am more familiar with - For the somewhat adventurous
        Tripe Marinara - best anywhere
        Lambs Tongue Vinagrette - Great app - most peoples favorite
        Beef Cheek Ravioli
        Veal Chop
        Pork Chop

        I had their pasta taster menu too which is fantastic but the dishes above are even better. If you are not adventerous the pasta menu might be a better choice.

      2. OTTO...great rendition of his own style of pizza..(very thin crust...almost cracker like) with very fresh and unusual toppings...veggies are all good...gelato is divine...Price is very reasonable...Get reservations

        1. otto, babbo,lupa,esca all winners

          1. Babbo without question. Also, one of the best kept secrets in town, the Enoteca at Del Posto where for $41/person you get a four course prix fixe meal.

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              Pitched up at the Del Posto Enoteca at 4.15 yesterday and had myself a very pleasant late lunch (I am European after all) or early dinner as the waitstaff kept pointing out!! Had starter of grilled winter squashes with saba (concentrated balsamic) @ $9, followed by primi of ravioli stuffed with brasato (braised veal in this case) topped with cauliflower and broccoli @ $14 and finished with a dessert (from the main restaurant menu) of a trio of lemony things - sorbetto, lemon millefeuille equivalent and lemon chiboust tart @ $15. Washed down with an "assaggio" glass of Brovia Barolo @ $12. Finished with an espresso @ $5. Had a nice bread selection with lardo and butter. Everything very tasty, the pasta, chiboust tart and barolo standout. $41 4 course prix fixe would be a steal for those with bigger appetites than my own. Every bit as good as Babbo or Lupa although I haven't been to those two places in a while. Will definitely be back for an evening meal in the main restaurant.