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Mar 2, 2007 07:26 PM

coolidge corner

any suggestions on good burgers and fries in the area?

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  1. Not exactly Coolidge Corner, but a new burger place recently opened in Kenmore Square. It on the same side of the street as the BU bookstore, down the block on the corner next to where the camera shop used to be. Never ate there myself, but heard good things about it.

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      You're talking about Uburger, which seems to be a bit polarizing, having both fans and detractors. I'll reserve my own comments for the Uburger threads.

      I lived in Coolidge Corner for 2 years and had many good burgers at Coolidge Corner Clubhouse. Not the most refined place, but 10oz patties of well seasoned beef, cooked to order every time (unlike O'Sullivans, to whom "medium rare" seems to mean something between black and blue and medium well), on a decent roll with lettuce & tomato (at no extra charge, Sullys), and a huge mound of hot, fresh, thin, crispy, curly fries (ahem).

      There have also been some recent reports of a good burger up Beacon at the Washington Square Tavern, though I've never been myself.


    2. Coolidge Corner Clubhouse, though I haven't eaten there in awhile, actually has pretty good burger and fries. A little further down Beacon towards Boston is Audubon Circle, also a good choice. Also more upscale in Wash Square is the Fireplace, which has a burger on its lunch and "afternoon" menus. Great fries!

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        I'll have to second the Fireplace's burger. Although I'm not too wild about the place in general, my burger there (a Sun. lunch) was perfectly cooked. Can't say I recall the fries, but I believe I polished them off.

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          No fries at Audubon Circle. Also, it looks and feels more like a bar than a restaurant and thus is better enjoyed at night than for lunch. CCC is pretty good. Their fries can be excellent.

          Eagles' burgers are cooked on a grill, not a griddle. They are good but you have to say how you want it cooked or it will be done medium well.

        2. Go up Beacon Street to Eagle's Deli.

          1. Beacon St Tavern, O'Leary's, CC Clubhouse are all good for burgers and fries.

            1. I'll toss in another vote for the Coolidge Corner Clubhouse. They make quite a tasty burger. I've also been told the burger at the Publick House (in Washington Square) is very good. Someone mentioned Eagles Deli (in Cleveland Circle), which is probably worth the trip for the experience, but nothing all that special.

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