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Mar 2, 2007 06:35 PM

atlantic grill

anyone know anything about this restaurant? my mother in laws 85th bday. our pty includes kids/4 yrs old/ and infants. is this a good idea? is it a "big plate" "small food" restaurant?

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  1. Lunch, brunch or dinner? It's a fish heavy place with sushi and raw bar served as well. I like the Halibut and the Sea Bass.

    The place isn't huge (but not small). They only have one or two tables that are stroller friendly. Let them know you are bringing infants and toddlers ahead of time.
    If dinner, it gets pretty cramped up front if waiting for a table and quite loud. Staff is helpful though....just be sure to tell them about your group so they can accommodate.
    Great desserts here! Banana Tower is awesome!

    1. I've never been to Atlantic Grill, but my brother, his wife and her family have been there many times, and they all say the food's good. It's in the B.R. Guest Restaurants group (owned by Steve Hansen), which includes Blue Water Grill, another fish/seafood-oriented place. I've been there a number of times and liked the food.

      Menus and photos on Atlantic Grill's website:

      Best wishes to your mother-in-law on her 85th birthday!

      1. well, just got back from atlantic grill. typical ny "big plate" "small food" restaurant. food was just ok, service, not so great. we had a party of 14, including 1 infant and 1 toddler. the waiter totally had an attitude. we were seated at the front of the house, hello-big party, kids, seat us in the back. and you need to give a party of 14 more than 1 waiter. dinner took forever and to be honest, was not worth the trip to manhatten for this meal. only saving grace was that is was my mother in laws 85th bday and she loved having the family together.

        1. yeah, it's average at best. but the variety and convenience keeps the UESiders coming back.

          1. It may depend on how you order as we've gone there numerous times and always been happy but I generally get the steamed lobster or the shellfish platter, which are filling and delicious. I don't like those fancy, tiny portion places and never considered this place to be one. It's not in the neighborhood, but The Knickerbockers may work for you as it's good and pleases most tastes and ages, has an extensive menu, delicous steak, etc. We've gone there for many family events - as well as just to have dinner alone or with friends.