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Mar 2, 2007 06:23 PM

Loved & Lost Receipe involving Cumcubers and Onions

My Grandmother who was from Southwestern Virginia would make a smiple salad of sliced cumcubers and onions. It was a cold salad that had a dessing made of vinegar and sugar and I am not sure of what else but the dressing had the look of weak skim milk. Any suggestions what this dressing consisted of?

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  1. probably sour cream
    sprinkle cucumbers (you might want to remove seeds from cucumber as well) and onions with salt to release some their liquids first...drain, and add remaining ingredients.....sugar, vinegar, sour cream and dill

    1. Wiener hound, could it have been made with buttermilk? My grandma in Virginia used to make the same stuff. It was also a bit sweet... I think she put just a little sugar in it

      1. Naw...I know this salad! My mom still makes do I. You don't use either too much sugar or too much vinegar - just a pinch of sugar and just enough apple cider vinegar (none of this stylish stuff - not even red wine!) to thin the sour cream a little (you're only adding sugar to balance the vinegar. And it is entrely possible - really! - to make this dressing with plain yogurt, especially if it is Middle Eastern plain yogurt, instead of sour cream.). Fresh dill, finely chopped, for sure. salt and pepper when you serve it. Chill it after you dress it to let the flavors come together.

        1. My Grandmother (North Carolina) used to salt the cukes and onions. Then she would put them in a bowl and splash them with cider vinegar (good healthy dose!!). Cover them with crushed ice until the ice melts. Drain off the water and stir in enough Dukes to make a light dressing.
          we would eat this almost every night when tomatoes were in season. I still do!

          1. Thanks guys for the suggestions for the receipe. I will have to try your suggestions and see if I can come up with what the Boy remembers. Since my GM was big on Buttermilk I think I will try that suggestion first. Also, we are talking about a receipe that was being cooked in rual SWern VA. in the 40's and 50's and I not sure sour cream would have been big then. My GM was so into buttermilk that she would have a tall glass with a little salt on the top to drink with the Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Icing. Now don't go eeewwwwhhhh try it.