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Had to have it...never used it

I just moved stuff around in the kitchen to make room for some new mixing bowls. I found some things I just had to have at one time and can't recall ever using. For example, the "Magi-cake strips" that were meant to ensure perfectly even cake layers. They were awkward to use and I could never find them in the drawer at layer cake time. Let's not even mention the yogurt maker and pasta machine that were sold in a garage sale years ago. What were your kitchen equipment follies?

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  1. Bread tubes from Pampered Chef. A fish poacher.... A Cuisinart ice cream machine, Some very long & skinny appetiser platters, a set of three. A giant rival slow cooker - wayyy to big. I had a thing for Wilton cake pans a few years back - I have maybe 12, I only use the hearts and the round ones.

    1. Ohhh yeah.. I have bread tubes somewhere too. LOL about your Wilton phase. I have an untallied number of tart pans. Wanna trade?

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          I have never been to a PC party and never will go to one but I do have a pain de mie tube and do use it occasionally when I want bread rounds for canapes that have a very tight and firm grain. The tube is a cylinder that has ends that can be capped tighly. The bread can only rise to the size of the tube. I also have and occasionally use a Pullman loaf pan which makes a frim grained loaf for sandwichs and is perfectly rectangular.

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            I've been eyeing a Pullman pan for a while... I think it would be great for sandwich bread.

            At the moment, my ice cream machine is feeling un-loved, but I hope I get into it someday. I thought my pasta attachments would be this way, but I've really used them a lot. I think cookbooks are my most guilty purchases.

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              Chicago Metallic mkes a very good one with a slide opening top. On our first attempt we got too much dough in the pan and when it rose while baking it glued itself shut.

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                Katie Nell there is a Ben and Jerry's ice cream cookbook that once purchased will make your ice cream machine feel very loved.

          2. This thread delighted me. I, too, have those silly Pampered Chef bread tubes from the one and only Pampered Chef party I was coerced to attend, and I have never used them yet cannot manage to donate them!

            I had a fish griller for many years. Oh, it seemed like the perfect thing. It, too, went to Goodwill.

            Eventually the urge to get new cooking items fades and you begin to realize that the basic stuff can do just about everything.

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              I agree that the urge to get new cooking stuff eventually fades. I think I'm more or less at that point now. But only because I spent years putting together my cooking/baking collection through research, judicious shopping and a lot of patience. That said, I do own things that I may not use often, but I'm still glad I have them.

              For example, I own a set of bread tubes too, and use them for pain de mie. Again, not often, but they're terrific when I need them. (I got mine for a couple of dollars on eBay.)

            2. *Raises hand sheepishly* I have unused Pamper Chef Bread tubes, too. Two of them...I've even moved them across country!

              Just got rid of the Slow Cooker, Bread Machine, and Ice Cream Maker.

              The bread tubes are next to go! LOL (only still around cuz I forgot about them until I read this!)

              1. Starlady, bread tubes are metal and are meant to torture bread dough into funky cutesy shapes such as stars. The appeal was for making canapes for card parties and the like. They were a well-meant (I guess) gift.

                1. My wok. I couldn't get rid of the thing at the garage sale Saturday and wound up donating it to Goodwill. A hot frying pan works just fine and I have a crappy electric oven that doesn't get hot enough to use it. And MAN did that thing take up a lot of space!

                  1. Vita-Mixer. The nice one with the stainless steel container. Bought one in 1992...maybe used it twice. One of the dumbest purchases I've ever made.

                    1. Electric deep fat fryer. I got one at Target 4 or 5 years ago. It was all sleek and modern looking and I thought that because it had a tight fitting lid, cooking with it wouldn't stink the house up. Wrong. It's just as smelly as using an open frying pan. I bought it at the time because my son was really into chicken wings. I used it three times. He now goes elsewhere for his wing fix.

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                        I forgot about the deep fat fryer. Used it twice. What a waste of money. First, I don't fry food that often. Second, when I do I just use my Le Creuset pot. Plenty deep enough. I keep meaning to put that thing on eBay.

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                          I like my fryer and it has a tight lid with a triple filter so no odors. It is a snap to clean up too. It is a Delonghi that had been retailed at $250 and Amazon had a deal on it for $82. I love havng no odor or spatters to clean up. Makes great wings!

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                            Don't you just love deals like that? I don't have any spatter issues when i fry becasue the pot is so deep, but the odor is definitely a problem, especially because we have a really crappy filter/venthood thingy. Definitely on my list of things that must be upgraded.

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                              I have a downdraft on my cook top but it is no where efficient enough to be worth much. I hated the mess. Now it is not an issue adn everything stays much cleaner.

                      2. Rotisserie (cleanup is too much trouble) and Cuisinart wisk attachment.

                        BTW, I love my bread tube (smile)

                        1. A pasta maker. Not the metal, roll-your-own-noodles type (have one of those and love it), but the Ron Popeil infomercial pasta extruder. Yuck. Makes thick, doughy pasta shapes.

                          Speaking of Pampered Chef, I recently bought their stoneware cookie sheet/pan thing. It's like their pizza stone only rectangular with a lip. What a disaster. It's really heavy, and it's one of those things that you don't clean, you "season" it, so it doesn't really clean up well until you've used it awhile. I just don't think it works for me.

                          1. Electric wok...What a waste! (Of money and space)

                            1. Also a PC victim...the bread tubes are still hiding in one of my cabinets. I haven't used them once in the ten years I've had them. Goodwill, here they come. Another PC mistake: the enormously heavy and awkward stoneware pan. Washing it was a nightmare, it never seemed clean, and it scratched the heck out of my kitchen counters.

                              Final waste: my waffle maker. It turns out I really don't like to make them or eat them.

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                                I haven't used my wafflemaker much either. The few times I feel like having them I'd just as soon go out for breakfast and let someone else do it. (There's a really great little diner in my area that makes terrific waffles.)

                              2. -----

                                I can say my tops was my American Harvest food dehydrator. I used it twice and sort of lost interest in it.

                                My Classic Munsey Toaster is a second item. It involved too much "contraption sitting" to suit me. Likewise it browned only on the top (uneven, I may add) of which involved flipping over the item.


                                1. I had to had to had to have a mandoline. I finally broke down and got the expensive French one on the market, and it sat in it's lovely box in my kitchen for a year. BUT a couple of weeks ago, as I was frustrated and trying to slice long slices of zucchini it occurred to me to pull out the mandoline. I know why I had to have it now. Love it!

                                  1. I'm on my way to getting something that I just "have to have"... "Charcuterie", the cookbook, and everything that goes along with it... talk me out of it, fast!

                                    1. Pressure cooker. Have never used it, but had to have it.

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                                        NOw, my MIL SWEARS by her pressure cooker to cook beef tongue. (Which is a treat in my DH's family-like- start a fight for the last piece-treat)
                                        She uses hers for that and to make pea soup...Don't ask how-I have NO idea.

                                        1. re: troutpoint

                                          Is there a cookbook to guide me? It would be a time saver.

                                          1. re: Tonto

                                            I'm not sure. Next time I am visiting I'll ask about recipes. I know she uses it to can vegetables in the fall too.

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                                              Lorna Sass has a couple of pressure cooker books. Amazon can help with titles.

                                        2. Bread machine. Not because I don't like it, but because I eat too much of what it produces at too fast a rate. So I have had to have the discipline to keep it put waaay away.

                                          1. I asked for, and received, attachments for my KA stand mixer. But I've never used the food processing attachments. Seems like more trouble than it's worth (esp. considering that I'm in a tiny kitchen and the mixer is stored on top of the fridge etc etc etc, lol.)

                                            I've never used my toasted oven either, but that's more because of a lack of space.

                                            I have a juicer that I reallyreally needed. And then used only two or three times.

                                            1. When my friend's father died at eighty-five I asked for some of his kitchen stuff, including a potato ricer he'd never used (the paper label was still on.) I still haven't used it. I think it's from the 1950s!

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                                                When my grandmother passed away I inherited a lot of her kitchen stuff, including her potato ricer, food mill and a nut grinder. My grandmother was Polish and lived in Poland, I can't imagine having all that stuff in my cabin luggage on an international flight in this day and age!

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                                                  True. I brought my grandmother's Cuisinart home to California from her place in Hawaii in my carry on luggage. Think of all those blades! I certainly couldn't do that now.

                                                  1. re: ballulah

                                                    Is it a Foley food mill? That is very useful for mashed potatoes and homemade applesauce.

                                                    1. re: Seldomsated

                                                      And tomato sauce. No peeling needed either.

                                                      1. re: Candy

                                                        Not sure what a Foley food mill is, but I have used it for making homemade tomato soup (grandmother's recipe) when tomatoes are in season. Yes indeedy, It takes care of the peel and the seeds with no fuss. Wouldn't it make potatoes a little gummy?

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                                                          Actually no, potatoes come out very light and fluffy

                                                2. I'm having a giggle about ballulah trying to explain to the homeland security guys that a nut grinder is NOT a torture device!!

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                                                    And you should see it! It has a vicious looking vice that attaches to a counter or a tabletop!

                                                  2. Farberware table-top rotisserie
                                                    Pasta Maker..kitchen aid....too much time
                                                    Wok...you are right, takes up too much room
                                                    Hand held vegie chopper..(round self contained)

                                                    1. My never-used equipment was a sushi roller and holder for cutting it. Why make it when it's so readily available, and when buying sushi-grade fish is so expensive?

                                                      1. George Foreman Grill that my mom gave me one Christmas (she got the HUGEST one, WAY too big for 2 of us!!!)
                                                        Bread maker (never could figure out how to use it correctly, bread turned out like a rock)

                                                        1. I confess to having a potato nest form. I've had it close to 20 years...but I am going to use it one of these days.