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Mar 2, 2007 04:54 PM

Had to have it...never used it

I just moved stuff around in the kitchen to make room for some new mixing bowls. I found some things I just had to have at one time and can't recall ever using. For example, the "Magi-cake strips" that were meant to ensure perfectly even cake layers. They were awkward to use and I could never find them in the drawer at layer cake time. Let's not even mention the yogurt maker and pasta machine that were sold in a garage sale years ago. What were your kitchen equipment follies?

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  1. Bread tubes from Pampered Chef. A fish poacher.... A Cuisinart ice cream machine, Some very long & skinny appetiser platters, a set of three. A giant rival slow cooker - wayyy to big. I had a thing for Wilton cake pans a few years back - I have maybe 12, I only use the hearts and the round ones.

    1. Ohhh yeah.. I have bread tubes somewhere too. LOL about your Wilton phase. I have an untallied number of tart pans. Wanna trade?

        1. re: starlady

          I have never been to a PC party and never will go to one but I do have a pain de mie tube and do use it occasionally when I want bread rounds for canapes that have a very tight and firm grain. The tube is a cylinder that has ends that can be capped tighly. The bread can only rise to the size of the tube. I also have and occasionally use a Pullman loaf pan which makes a frim grained loaf for sandwichs and is perfectly rectangular.

          1. re: Candy

            I've been eyeing a Pullman pan for a while... I think it would be great for sandwich bread.

            At the moment, my ice cream machine is feeling un-loved, but I hope I get into it someday. I thought my pasta attachments would be this way, but I've really used them a lot. I think cookbooks are my most guilty purchases.

            1. re: Katie Nell

              Chicago Metallic mkes a very good one with a slide opening top. On our first attempt we got too much dough in the pan and when it rose while baking it glued itself shut.

              1. re: Katie Nell

                Katie Nell there is a Ben and Jerry's ice cream cookbook that once purchased will make your ice cream machine feel very loved.

          2. This thread delighted me. I, too, have those silly Pampered Chef bread tubes from the one and only Pampered Chef party I was coerced to attend, and I have never used them yet cannot manage to donate them!

            I had a fish griller for many years. Oh, it seemed like the perfect thing. It, too, went to Goodwill.

            Eventually the urge to get new cooking items fades and you begin to realize that the basic stuff can do just about everything.

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            1. re: jillp

              I agree that the urge to get new cooking stuff eventually fades. I think I'm more or less at that point now. But only because I spent years putting together my cooking/baking collection through research, judicious shopping and a lot of patience. That said, I do own things that I may not use often, but I'm still glad I have them.

              For example, I own a set of bread tubes too, and use them for pain de mie. Again, not often, but they're terrific when I need them. (I got mine for a couple of dollars on eBay.)

            2. *Raises hand sheepishly* I have unused Pamper Chef Bread tubes, too. Two of them...I've even moved them across country!

              Just got rid of the Slow Cooker, Bread Machine, and Ice Cream Maker.

              The bread tubes are next to go! LOL (only still around cuz I forgot about them until I read this!)