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Mar 2, 2007 04:41 PM

Lucques tonight - what to order?

Have not tried the latest seasonal menu at Lucques.
Any recommendations?
What are the must haves?
How about dessert?


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  1. loved the market fish the other night, and the broccolini side.

    1. Don't know if it's too late but the pork osso bucco is excellent, and the panna cotta is AMAZING.

      My wife got the black cod, and it was good but nothing to write home about. Our friend got the rabbit and it was very good.

      1. Too late, I know. Anyway...

        Had dinner at Lucques last week. Standouts were:

        - Starter -
        Moroccan antipasto: chickpea purée, roasted beets & carrots and feta yogurt.

        - Main Course -
        Grilled poussin with glazed root vegetables, green olives and grilled preserved lemon.

        I don't recommend the Alaskan cod with estrella squash purée, golden raisins and pedro ximenes. Nice taste, but it's very rich and kinda gets old after a few bites.

        Had an amazing chocolate dessert, but unfortunately, it's not on the most current menu.

        1. Also too late, but I'd still recommend the club steak for two. Comes with a simple, delicious arugula salad and sublime potatoes parisienne -- fantastic.

          1. thanks for the recs guys and gals!

            we went and had an amazing meal!

            started with the dandelion and treviso salad with bacon, tagiolere (sp? its a cheese), madeira dressing and soft egg. it was excellent. perfect balance of sweet, salty, smoky, rich, bitter, acidic.

            also had the romanesco bagna cauda with burrata, jamon serrano and breadcrumbs. im a math geek so i heart romanesco (its nature's living fractal!). the dish was tasty and the largish breadcrumbs gave it a most pleasant crunch. however, i wanted to taste more garlic and more anchovy! maybe more finicky diners have asked them to tone it down but that extra kick of salty fishyness and intense garlickyness would have made it perfect.

            for our main courses we had the suckling pig with black eyed peas, cavolo nero, grilled cornbread and chimichurri sauce and the market fish (which i never got the name of) with clams, fingerling potatoes, sunchokes, and a marcona almond picada. both were excellent in execution and flavor. the fish was cooked perfectly and the pig was tender and succulent. no osso bucco on the menu! i would have loved to have had that!

            we were also sent out the wild mushroom lasagna with sugar snap peas, pea tendrils and parmesan. THIS was a great dish. layers of fresh tender pasta with parmesan pudding in between and earthy chanterelles and crisp and sweet sugar snaps and pea tentrils all over. oh yum. i was so stuffed! good thing the mister can eat. he made sure not a delicious morsel was wasted.

            then dessert! we had the sweet potato beignets with caramel corn, pecans and bourbon sauce. wow. the beignets were so pillowy light and insubstantial. they were perfectly crisp on the outside but had an almost creamy center. the sauce had a pleasant kick to it. and the caramel corn was amazingly fresh tasting, they couldnt have done it right then! i think we would have liked it to be a little saltier maybe. im hooked on the sweet savory dessert movement.

            the chocolate dessert was incredible. layers of nougatine with a bittersweet chocolate pudding (? i cant remember the proper name of it) and butterscotch pudding and a shoyu caramel sauce! the shoyu caramel was out of this world. the mister was slightly hesitant when i told him that shoyu was soy sauce but when he tasted it with everything else, he was totally in love.

            its hard to find a place that is so consistent from beginning to end. especially with the desserts.

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              Thanks for the report. Lucques can do no wrong when it comes to their suckling pig.