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Chinese or Thai near Marina del Rey?

I'm looking for a good Chinese or Thai restaurant in the Marina, Venice, Santa Monica area. I haven't found any yet. Can anyone reccomend one? Thanks!

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  1. Where have you tried so far? My boyfriend and I like Siamese Garden on Washington, tucked right next to the Cantina. Their food tends to be a little sweet overall, and the spiciness changes on the whim of the cook, but it always cures the craving and if it's a nice evening it's great to sit outside in the garden. Try the tom ka gai soup, I get it everytime.

    Good luck on the Chinese. I have yet to find some good East Coast style take-out in LA.

    1. Although it's actually in Venice, Pam's Place has great Thai food, although the service can be a test in patience. Call ahead and take it home.

      1. We like Typhoon and I know people won't like this - but PF Chang's also. We prefer healthy (less grease and oil) cooking. I also liked Mao's Kitchen, but too small and stuffy for my boyfriend.

        1. don't know if these are close enough to the marina for you, but here goes:
          for thai,
          ayara thai cuisine just east of sepulveda and south of manchester
          thai boom on venice blvd and midvale, west of overland.

          1. I agree with Pinotgrisgirl on Pam's Place for 90291/90292, and have been hearing alot of praise lately for Thai Boom as Westsidegirl mentioned. As for the group of Thai restaurants on Lincoln, they are marginal, but if all you want are decent curries, then you might be okay.

            1. Another vote for Pam's Place. The secret to ordering there is to get things that you don't see on other menus - that's what they excell in; the same ole, same ole stuff that you can get at any Thai restaurant is not worth ordering here (and it's far more expensive too; save your money for the salmon steak in coconut red curry sauce or the fried pompano.) A must at Pam's is the coconut custard for dessert.


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                A group of us went to Pam's Place on a recommendation from a friend. Service was idiotic and some of the food reminded us of as if we were in Africa being served DOG. The stuffed chicken was abolutely horrid! Every one of us spat it out on our plate, it was so disgusting. The only thing we enjoyed were the pad thai noodles... but any Thai restaurant should get that right. I will never return!

              2. Sorry to hear you were dogged at Pam's... I know their service has been a big zero but to hear you had such a horrid meal is the real letdown. But if you think decent pad thai is a given at any Thai restaurant, I've had some pretty sad, if not scary renditions around the Westside myself. This cuisine is in a sad state of affairs around MDR and Venice. I can't vouch for this rec but I have heard great things about Thai Boom on Venice blvd in Culver City/Palms area. Good luck and good eating!

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                  1. It is a bit east of MDR but another big vote for Thai Boom on the north side of Venice Blvd at Midvale, a few blocks east of Sepulveda and west of Overland. By far the best Thai I've had on the west side.