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Casa D'Angelo or Herban Kitchen

Dinner for 5 people. Choices are Casa D'Angelo or Herban Kitchen. The former of course is well known and gets top marks. Herban Kitchen looks interesting. Can someone make a good case for going there instead of Casa. Or do you have an even better choice in that vicinity. Thanks.

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  1. Never heard of Herban Kitchen. Looking forward to some posts on this place.

    1. I have had good but disappointing meals the 2 times I have been to casa.

      Here are other places in the area I want to try
      Eduardo San Angel
      Tom Jenkins - probably not for your situation though...
      Cafe Motarano

      1. casa d'angelo is always a great choice- the service is great, lively atmosphere but not too loud or rushed. reliably great food and wine list- lots of choices for every kind of eater. everyone will have a great time and the prices are good.

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          We had a pretty good but very rushed meal at Casa d'Angelo when we went. We came away feeling that it was overrated. It was my husband's birthday and we had 8-9 people. We had made a reservation, but we were still crammed into a table for 6 with no one having any elbow room and bumping into the people behind them. The service was VERY slow but I remember hanging onto the glowing reviews of the food - this would have made the night. When we got the food, it was good....not worth the ridiculously expensive check that was later presented to our table. Even my very easy-going husband was annoyed. Now we went to CUCINA d'Angelo in Boca (a cousin, I think) and that was a stellar experience.

          If you're going to be in Ft Laud, I've heard that Valentino on Davie and Federal is very very good. I haven't been myself and also haven't been to Herban.

        2. had a great meal at casa d'angelo last weekend. had a lousy meal at herban kitchen 2 weeks ago which is surprising because we had been there about 2 months ago & had a wonderful meal. it seemed to us like they were cutting corners. who knows - it just could have been an off night. but at this point - i'd go to casa d'angelo.

          1. Herban Kitchen is not in the same league as Casa D'Angelo...Very mediocre food and service, but lots of food at lowish prices. I like Casa D'angelo, but prefer Valentino's. Also, love Cibo e Vino on E. Oakland Park Blvd...an undiscovered gem.

            1. Chima's a clever coice too for a group. I know these Brazilian steakhouses are getting a little overdone with chains, but Chima is a really good original one. The building is lovely, with a great courtyard out front for cocktails before dinner; the salad bar is huge and filled with tantalizing salads and appetizers, and the meat is of course dlicious and plentiful. It's really fun for a group; more fun and suitable to group dining than Casa, which I find a little cramped. Also, Casa is housed in a strip mall on Federal Hihway whereas Chima is on Las Olas...much better for strolling or going out for coffee afterwards. I've never heard of Herban Kitchen, sorry.

              1. Thanks for all of the input. We went to Casa D'Angelo and were lucky to secure the private room/wine storage room for our party of seven. Service was excellent and the food was delicious.

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                  Very underwhelmed by Casa D recently. Burrata was a bust. Table 8 and Aigo destroyed it. Cafe Martorano is better, Different scene though...

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                    Is Martorano worth the trip from SOBE? I have been underwhelmed by the FLL dining scene. Like you Casa D does not impress me, Eduardo was a disappointment too. Want to know your opinion of Martarano vs Macalusos if you have one.

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                      Yes, do it. It's a fun place and unique experience. The scene is different than Macaluso's. It has a clubby feel and is loud. On to the food, it's italian comfort food at its best with huge portions. The meatballs are a must, probably better than Macaluso's. Pasta's are also very good as are most apps.