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Mar 2, 2007 04:20 PM

Casa D'Angelo or Herban Kitchen

Dinner for 5 people. Choices are Casa D'Angelo or Herban Kitchen. The former of course is well known and gets top marks. Herban Kitchen looks interesting. Can someone make a good case for going there instead of Casa. Or do you have an even better choice in that vicinity. Thanks.

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  1. Never heard of Herban Kitchen. Looking forward to some posts on this place.

    1. I have had good but disappointing meals the 2 times I have been to casa.

      Here are other places in the area I want to try
      Eduardo San Angel
      Tom Jenkins - probably not for your situation though...
      Cafe Motarano

      1. casa d'angelo is always a great choice- the service is great, lively atmosphere but not too loud or rushed. reliably great food and wine list- lots of choices for every kind of eater. everyone will have a great time and the prices are good.

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          We had a pretty good but very rushed meal at Casa d'Angelo when we went. We came away feeling that it was overrated. It was my husband's birthday and we had 8-9 people. We had made a reservation, but we were still crammed into a table for 6 with no one having any elbow room and bumping into the people behind them. The service was VERY slow but I remember hanging onto the glowing reviews of the food - this would have made the night. When we got the food, it was good....not worth the ridiculously expensive check that was later presented to our table. Even my very easy-going husband was annoyed. Now we went to CUCINA d'Angelo in Boca (a cousin, I think) and that was a stellar experience.

          If you're going to be in Ft Laud, I've heard that Valentino on Davie and Federal is very very good. I haven't been myself and also haven't been to Herban.

        2. had a great meal at casa d'angelo last weekend. had a lousy meal at herban kitchen 2 weeks ago which is surprising because we had been there about 2 months ago & had a wonderful meal. it seemed to us like they were cutting corners. who knows - it just could have been an off night. but at this point - i'd go to casa d'angelo.

          1. Herban Kitchen is not in the same league as Casa D'Angelo...Very mediocre food and service, but lots of food at lowish prices. I like Casa D'angelo, but prefer Valentino's. Also, love Cibo e Vino on E. Oakland Park undiscovered gem.