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Mar 2, 2007 04:16 PM

Joan's on 3rd Cheese and what else?

As I am eating late tonight at a currently undetermined location (see earlier post about lameness and The Little Door), I decided to stop in at Joans on 3rd to pick up a little snack to eat round 6. They have a $12 cheese plate that includes 3 (2oz) servings of your favorite cheeses, as well as almonds, bread and quince paste. They'll pack it to go - and even though it was busy in there, the man who was helping me let me sample 6 cheeses and wrote down the names of the ones that I chose. Great service and great fun for a Friday at 5pm. What else is delicious there - I have only eaten cheese and deserts.

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  1. I really like the club sandwich and (of all things) the matzoh ball soup.

    1. I've had several of their sandwiches - all delicious - particularly the one w/ Italian ham/salami(??) w/ olive paste.

      1. The chocolate and peanut butter cupcake. Now I want one. Or six.

        1. I like their beet salad, their chicken salad sandwiches, and most of their desserts. I think their salads are better than the ones I get at Clementine, but Clementine has better sandwiches, if that helps you at all.

          1. The mortadella sandwich is very good if ordered without mustard.