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Mar 2, 2007 04:06 PM

Cambridge Indian

Will be coming up to Cambridge in a couple of weekends and was hoping for some recos on Indian restaurants - have a particular fondness for Tandoori chicken.


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  1. I think Kebab Factory is best for this, even though their chicken kebabs are very different from ordinary, dark-pink tandoori chicken. I think this is one dish where Tamarind Bay--another board favorite--doesn't shine (at least when I've had it served made-to-order along with their buffet). On the other hand, their tandoori quail is pretty nifty.

    1. If you're willing to branch out a bit and try some very unique and authentic Indian food, I strongly encourage you to check out Tamarind Bay. The lunch buffet is all right, but for a real treat order off of the full menu.

      1. Second the Kebab Factory and Tamarind Bay recs. If you want to venture a little afield, outside of the more common Punjabi cuisine, I'd recommend checking out Namaskar (a decent selection of Gujarati dishes) and Royal Bengal (a whole section with Bengali dishes).