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Mar 2, 2007 03:55 PM

Buffalo Wild Wings

A Buffalo Wild Wings has opened in Southern Connecticut - worth a drive? Or do they spend all their energy on radio commercials?

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  1. The smallest wings (wondered where all the pigeons went), with minimal sauce at top dollar. And everything, including extra breaths are $0.50 each. A real disappointment in term of quality and value.

    1. I don't really think it's worth a drive. The wings are standard - fried, and then slathered with way too much sauce. The only food item I really enjoy there are the onion rings and the potato wedges - but those too are pretty standard. The reason why I go there is more for the TV's to watch sports; the food is an afterthought.

      1. God no. The place is terrible.
        I'm a huge wing lover. I love wings so much even decent ones can keep me happy. I was thoroughly disappointed by BWW.

        Don't waste your time or gas.


        1. I'll chime in and agree with the others. It's way overpriced, and the wings really aren't that great. Occasionally we'll go to the one by us (which is about a half-mile away) only because they have a good beer selection and it's the closest place to grab a cold one.

          Although I should say that my wife enjoys their jerk chicken wrap. Still, not worth going out of your way.

          1. average at best. as mentioned above, wings are on the small side. pretty large spectrum (too large?) of sauces with 13 choices but i think that a lot in the middle taste pretty similar. i think that their best sauce is their #2 - wild. what their blazin (#1) has going for it in heat, loses points for poor flavor. personally, i'd choose hooters over buffalo wild when it comes to chain wings.

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              I tried Blazin once, and I thought I had a pretty good heat tolerance. Big mistake, it was nothing but pain, and zero flavor. How hot is #2?

              1. re: aynrandgirl

                I think that "Hot" is actually #3 on the list, and that is the hottest one that I actually enjoy. To my own tastebuds, the ones that are hotter than that are definitely more heat than flavour.