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Mar 2, 2007 03:42 PM

Outer Cape recommendations

Having a "girlie" weekend with some friends and are staying in Chatham. What should we not miss, for breakfast, lunches, informal dinner... staying away from chains.

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  1. Thankfully there are no real chains up that way. Captains House used to serve afternoon tea. Perfect for a girls day. I know some love Pisces but I find it too crowded. Mom went to Bucca's and thought it was average and pricey. Vinings Bistro is great. I love The Squire for chowder and chilling. Wequasett Inn is my favorite for afternoon tea.

    1. Grumpy's in Brewster is a reliable stop for breakfast. Fabulous egg dishes and the classic waffle/pancake carb fests.

      I am fairly certain that Pisces (Sue Collins' fabulous seafood restaurant) closes at the end of October. Keep it on your list for next time; the intimate setting and adventurous cocktail bar is ideal for a girl's night out.

      1. Grumpy's is on 6 A in Dennis unless they have a new spot Neil?? It is quite far from Chatham, like 20 min thru back roads.