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Mar 2, 2007 03:14 PM

Upscale Takeout?

Any suggestions for tasty, reliable takeout, other than Chinese in the Fairmount/Center City area?

I'm hoping to have delivery service of double complete meals--to make for great eating with only reheating while recuperating from hip replacement surgery. Marigold Kitchen did this for three weeks a year ago when I had knee surgery--and it was truly wonderful.

Open to all ethnic/American food; delivery of good Chinese Food is relatively easy.

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  1. No response to this post, but I'll post what happened when I checked with three neighborhood places. Neither Zorba's nor Trio ordinarily deliver, but because we are so close, and they are so accomodating, they said they would be happy to deliver a double order to us. Long's Gourmet delivers regularly, and La Castange has a parking lot, as well as offering to bring the food out to the curb if my husband drove by, by arrangement.

    I think we're going to eat very well indeed. Zorba's is even willing to make some of our favorites that are not on the regular menu, like mousaka and Aveglemono soup. Both Kleins Market and LIttle Pete's in our building also deliver, so I think life will be easy.

    1. How is the food at Little Pete's? Apparently they deliver 24 hours, which could be very exciting...

      1. I'm glad you asked, Gina. Actually, the quality is excellent, consistently. Not chow--but tasty, freshly prepared food. Great homemade soups and copious salads; tasty veggies, the meat nicely seasoned. I didn'[t know they were open 24 hours a day, but I can tell you they are busy round the clock. Yesterday all tables were taken and we had to wait a couple of minutes for lunch around 12. If you come in for late lunch or snack around 2 they will still be quite busy. Of note, yesterday's lunch crowd was all young people from outside the building; I hardly recognized any residents of our building.

        With that said, many people who live here eat most of their meals at Pete's. You know they wouldn't if the quality weren't high.

        It's just that we eat at Pete's so often, that I really need a change/variety in type of food when I'm recuperating. My investigating the other places had nothing to do with Pete's quality. Enjoy!

        1. Sounds suspiciously like chow...thanks, Bashful!

          1. You have me on a roll Gina. Pete's is hearty, friendly, reliable, fantastic value. Nothing overly spiced; something for every taste, but when I use the word "chow" I refer to exciting food, which Pete's is not.