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Mar 2, 2007 03:12 PM

How's the food at Redwood?

Looking for a new place downtown to try tonight -- Blue Velvet seems too fancy-pants, I've already had drinks but not food at Royal Clayton's. Would Redwood Bar & Grill be a good place to grab a bite before the Natural History Museum dj thing?

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  1. Dinner at J Lounge would be better than the Redwood. Or how bout E3rd. Are you talking about the event at MOCA I wish I was going.

    1. No, I wish! I think the MOCA thing is Saturday night. This is the weekly Friday night dj night at the Natural History Museum, still kind of groovy but much easier to get into. OK, we'll consider E3rd and J Lounge.

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        Between the two, I would opt for J.

      2. i thought the redwood was nice enough. they just won best downtwon burger in downtown news. i wasn't blown away, but it was good. we LOVED their wings. and i'm not really a wing person AT ALL. lots of meat and yummy sauce. great with the ranch. not somewhere to get anything more than burgers and wings type food. we tried salmon and it was overcooked and boring. desserts are generic. but for pub fare, it's pretty good.
        i do like J as well. if you get there early, you'll be good. later on they get a very clubby crowd.
        between J burger and Redwood burger, i'd choose J. great kennebec fries, too. better wine list. fun space.

        1. Ack! You have perfect timing. There is a 6-course tasting dinner at e3rd steakhouse this weekend - $35 pp! They had their soft opening in December, and the grand opening is this weekend.

          1. it's ok - but nothing special. i kind of think of it like a good diner.

            why not Pete's Bar & Grille?

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            1. re: dtud

              "... like a good diner"?

              Isn't that what Pete's is? Not slamming Pete's - I really like the place -- just saying that that's what Pete's is.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                hmmmm - i guess so.

                but i guess my thought was the food was much, much better (in quality and taste) than redwood. i usually leave most diners like - "eh, that was ok" but it's always a bit too salty or ? something. but i really like pete's food and always leave like "oooh, that was really good." i think the flavor/ingredient combinations are a bit more upscale or modern than diner fare too.