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Mar 2, 2007 02:46 PM

Quick: Favorite Item at Pita Jungle (PHX)

self explanatory

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  1. PJ Tempe: Tuna Melt pizza or Pesto Lavosh Turkey Wrap

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    1. re: pickychick

      I'll 50th the hummus with chicken.

      I usually get the Lavosh Shawarma wrap, which is delicious. Also comes with a side greek salad, which is a huge plus for me.

    2. chicken schwarma pita
      hummus with grilled chicken
      cilantro-jalapeno hummus
      grilled vegetable salad

      1. Hummus with the Grilled Chicken and Pine Nuts.

        With a big basket of hot, fresh pita.


        1. Chicken combo platter!

          1. in no particular order:

            Lamb shank
            Lentil Fatoosh salad
            Baba Ghanouj
            Shrimp with Mango
            Meze Platter
            Potato Pizza
            Rice puddign when available(rare but good when it is there!)