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Mar 2, 2007 02:42 PM

Long Beach airport or along 405 North


I'm picking up my bf from Long Beach airport at 8:45pm tonight and was wondering if there are any good eats around the Long Beach airport or on the drive back on the 405 North (I live in West LA by the 10 and 405 fwys)

I usually stop by Kings Hawaiian but I thought I might see what else I could be missing around that area in the south bay or on the drive back...I dont mind if it's near the beach too...nothing fancy but just yummy-home cooking style would be awesome :)



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  1. Right up the street from King's Hawaiian is Shinsengumi Yakitori. It's open late too.

    1. I was all set to recommend my favorite Mexican fast-food joint, Baja Sonora (Clark at Spring), then I saw what time your BF is arriving. By the time you leave LGB, Baja Sonora will be either closed or close to closing.

      The reco for Shinsengumi Takitori sounds great, to be honest. This part of Long Beach doesn't have a wide assortment of late-night hangouts.

      1. do you have a particular type of food in mind? In the Belmont shore area, there are a couple of restaurants that you can try including Open Sesame for Mediterranian and Le Creperie for dessert. You can try Sophy's on Anahiem for Cambodian/Thai. Oh so much in Long Beach.

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          Where is Sophy's located? Is it in Anaheim or on a street named Anaheim? (sorry I dont know the area very well in Long Beach, so I figured you meant Anaheim as a street name but I wanted to confirm)

          Also, any dishes you'd recommend they specialize in? I've had lots of Thai but would be interested in the Cambodian side of it...Thanks!!

          1. re: coweepooh

            I love the Beef Salad and the soups. I don't know what all the dishes are called, the ones that I have tried. I usually ask the boys, as I call them, (the owner) to suggest something for me. I am never disappointed. The restaurant is located on Anaheim, just east of Redondo on the south side.
            The address is:
            3720 E. Anaheim St
            Here is a link for you:

        2. Try Greenfield Brazilian BBQ on PCH just east of the traffic circle. $29.00 pp and a great salad bar, tremendous grilled meats and chicken hearts to boot.

          1. Davinci's is very good, great ambiance and food. It's right at the airport.

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              reviews have been so-so for this place. I want to go for the view, but haven't heard great things about the food.