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Mar 2, 2007 02:34 PM

Buddha Jumps over the Wall

My grandmother is turning 80 in August and we've started to discuss plans as this is a big birthday for Chinese people. My father would like to have Buddha Jumps over the Wall for this special occasion, but has no idea which restaurants offer it, and if it would be good. Has anyone had this recently in San Francisco/Peninsula?
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Most high end/upscale Cantonese seafood restaurants would be able to make this dish (or pot), even if it is not listed on the menu. Best thing to do is call potential restaurants ahead in advance and ask how much it would be and what's in it. Ingredients would vary but most would have some extravagant seafood themed preparation with supreme stock. I can't remember where I had this last time (within the past 10 years or more) but you can also get a "mini" (my nay) version of it.

    Some places might even be able to offer recommendations on what to order for such an occasion. In those cases ask for dishes that might have some special meaning to them to fit the occasion.

    Peninsula candidates that come to mind:

    ABC Seafood (Foster City)
    Chef Wai (San Mateo)
    Koi Palace (Daly City/Colma)

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      I agree that most higher end candidates can make the dish but I would also ask which ingredients they will use. I have been disappointed when ordering this dish where I do not have a history with staff and the chef. I great dish if done right, but can be a disappointment when do poorly. It will not be cheap.

    2. I'm pretty sure most restaurants in Millbrae (HK Flower Lounge, The Kitchen, Zen, Fook Yuen, etc.) will accommodate this request easily, especially with advance notice.


      1. I was at Koi Palace the other night and saw people having a mini version of this stew and it looked really good. (By the way, their shark fin/abalone set dinner $55 is the best I've had so far in this genre). The best Buddha stew/soup I've had was at the old Seafood harbor in Millbrae (now the Kitchen). Along with the usual abalone, shark fin, fish maw, etc, it had deer tendons. I think it is best to go to various tastings (lucky you) and then decide. Agreeing with the other posters, I've had some mediocre versions of this soup. I believe Koi Palace is known for their Buddha soup/stew.

        1. if this is a fancy soup with abalone, shark fin, gall bladder, chicken feet, sea cucumber, and i'm not sure what else, mayflower on geary has it. my friend's chinese family just celebrated the father's birthday there on saturday and that was one of the dishes we had. i don't know anything about what this soup is supposed to taste like (or if what i ate was 'buddha jumps over the wall'), but the family is very discerning so i would guess it is an excellent version.

          mayflower also does a soup with a papaya half filled with shark fin and i'm not sure what else soup that the family gets sometimes.