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Mar 2, 2007 02:31 PM

Tasty Thai Food in Long Beach or North O.C.?

Crestfallen over the recent demise of Thai Nakorn in Garden Grove, am wondering if there are any other spots in the Long Beach or North Orange County area someone could suggest?

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  1. My favorite on the LB/Lakewood Border: Thai Corner at Carson and Paramount, between the 7-11 and MenEds Pizza. Food tends to be spicy, not Americanized.

    1. Sophy's on Anaheim, it's a Cambodian/Thai place.

      1. Thanks for both these great suggestions. Love being turned on to new places in my home town.

        1. Im a big fan of Long Beach Thai, Its at Redondo and Anaheim.on the south west corner easy to miss, its in the small mini mall next to McDonalds. Try it.

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            I second the endorsement for Long Beach Restaurant on Redondo and Anaheim. It's by far the best Thai I've had in Long Beach. Just make sure to ask for no-MSG if that's what you want.

          2. I moved away from the LBC in 2005 but so my take might be a bit dated.

            If you're in Belmont Shore and want to stay local, I'd recommend Star of Siam (on Broadway east of Cherry). It surely isn't the most exotic Thai restaurant around but I found myself there a lot due to its close proximity to The Shore and their decent offerings.

            Now if you happen to be in a driving mood, then Renu Nakorn isn't too far from you. Head north up the 605 to Norwalk and you should be in for a treat.

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              1. re: wendy8869

                Not until August or so... and no word on Thai Nakorn, which is the Thai Mecca.