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Tasty Thai Food in Long Beach or North O.C.?

Crestfallen over the recent demise of Thai Nakorn in Garden Grove, am wondering if there are any other spots in the Long Beach or North Orange County area someone could suggest?

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  1. My favorite on the LB/Lakewood Border: Thai Corner at Carson and Paramount, between the 7-11 and MenEds Pizza. Food tends to be spicy, not Americanized.

    1. Sophy's on Anaheim, it's a Cambodian/Thai place.

      1. Thanks for both these great suggestions. Love being turned on to new places in my home town.

        1. Im a big fan of Long Beach Thai, Its at Redondo and Anaheim.on the south west corner easy to miss, its in the small mini mall next to McDonalds. Try it.

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            I second the endorsement for Long Beach Restaurant on Redondo and Anaheim. It's by far the best Thai I've had in Long Beach. Just make sure to ask for no-MSG if that's what you want.

          2. I moved away from the LBC in 2005 but so my take might be a bit dated.

            If you're in Belmont Shore and want to stay local, I'd recommend Star of Siam (on Broadway east of Cherry). It surely isn't the most exotic Thai restaurant around but I found myself there a lot due to its close proximity to The Shore and their decent offerings.

            Now if you happen to be in a driving mood, then Renu Nakorn isn't too far from you. Head north up the 605 to Norwalk and you should be in for a treat.

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                Not until August or so... and no word on Thai Nakorn, which is the Thai Mecca.

            1. Thai Basil in Lakewood.

              Del Amo & Bellflower, in strip mall behind am/pm.

              Sounds glamorous I know but the food is great. Try the glass noodles.

              1. In Fullerton, there are two Thai restaurants across the street (Chapman Ave) from each other. One is Thai Basil, the other is Thai Rama. Thai Basil is a bit Americanized. Thai Rama on the s/e corner of State College Blvd & Chapman Ave is better.

                Another option would be chain Thai Original BBQ on Orangethorpe just west of Lemon St and east of Harbor.

                Thai Rama & Thai Orig BBQ both have the sticky rice dessert.

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                  I'd like to put in another vote for Thai Rama in the corner of the shopping center on State College Boulevard and Chapman Avenue in Fullerton. I've been going there for many years and the food - at least, what I've ordered - has been consistently good, in my opinion. They have unusual things like spicy mussels with mint, and the curries and soups are very nice. When I once complimented the owners/managers on the food, they said, "Thai cooking is simple. You could do it too, if you had the recipes." Cute . . .

                2. sophys on anahiem. everything is amazing, ive had almost the whole menu. cant go worng w/ the stir frys and noodle dishes. lad na is good, pad thai is a safe bet, and amazing. best pho in town.

                  long beach thai is also good its next to mcdonalds on anahiem/redondo. they have a picture menu for those who arent familiar w. the dishes

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                    Boy was I disappointed in Sophy's! I had a chicken stir fry #30 that was little pieces of gristly meat, and very oily. The salad at the next table looked pretty sad too, limp-ish lettuce and small pieces of beef. I probably ordered the wrong thing but I'm not sure I'll rush back.

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                      I am sorry you had a bad experience. I have never had that dish myself. My favorite is the Thai Beef Salad, the lettuce is limp-ish b/c the Beef is hot. Sometimes, I call in and order just that. I also like the Ginger Chicken and the soups.

                      1. re: justagthing

                        Unfortunately, #30 WAS the ginger chicken. Ill try a soup next time.

                        I've had Thai beef salad before and not necessarily with salad greens that are that sorry-looking.

                  2. Royal Thai Orchid in Orange (Katella/Tustin Ave) I've scoured OC and to me this is the best.

                    1. I agree with the mentions above for Sophy's on Anaheim.

                      My classmates often go to Phuket Thai on 2nd street, but I've never been.

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                        Phuket is good but a little overpriced. That's 2nd street for you. :)

                      2. Three other Thai restaurants in North Orange County: Peony Thai in Amerige Heights Town Center, Fullerton, Supatra's Thai Bistro in Yorba Linda and Thai Specialties on Imperial Blvd. in Brea

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                          I didn't care for Thai Specialties in Brea; tasted a bit Americanized.

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                            My Thai Restaurant
                            Address: 2417 W Whittier Blvd, La Habra, CA 90631
                            Phone: (562) 697-2662

                            It's right on the La Habra/Whittier border (on Whittier one block west of Beach). Westways voted it the best Thai in the OC. I don't know if I'd go that far, but it is good and inexpensive.

                            I'm not a fan of Peony Thai in Amerige Heights Town Center, Fullerton. It is very americanized to me and pricier than your average Thai.

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                              I think we need a definition of "americanized".

                              1. re: Suzanne 92835

                                Americanized: No herbs, or substitutions (like lemon rind for lemon grass), no heat, no flavor.

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                                  Having gone to almost all of the Thai restaurants that were listed (only one Thai Basil) I haven't gone to. It seems like that when Americanized was used, it was more like Americanized is a nice clean place rather attractive and pretty dishes and well plated food. I don't think any of the restaurants I listed have no heat or flavor. Some of the places that were suggested, I think, have sloppy food and are lucky that the Health Department doesn't make them list their grade as they do in LA County.

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                                    You"ve been to Royal Thai Orchard in Orange?

                          2. Since I rarely cross the Orange Curtain, I can't comment on yourplaces, but the one I recommended (Thai Corner) is clean, attractive (on the inside), and the food is nicely plated, as well as tasting great and being plenty, plenty, spicy if you want it that way.

                            1. Thai Nakorn at its new location in Stanton has been pretty solid.