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Mar 2, 2007 02:29 PM

Rangpur Gin

anybody try? new product from tanqueray, with limited distribution. supposedly limes used in distillation.

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  1. It has a very strong lime taste from the Rangpur limes used as the main botanical. So much so that it is hard to taste the juniper. If you like lime then you will like it. I would rather have a regular Tanqueray with a squeeze of fresh lime personally. I find the Rangpur to be a bit gimmicky.

    Tanqueray should bring back the Malacca gin, or experiment with some other non-citrus based gins. T-10 is also a bit too citrusy.

    I am in the middle of reviewing basically every gin in the world. I have done 20+ reviews so far and have a dozen here on my desk to write up this week, and another 20+ waiting to open and try, with many, many more on the way. To read them go to and type in "gin" into the search engine.

    I also have tons of other reviews there, many on dessert wines, with more to come on aged rums, then bourbons, Scotch, sherry, port, etc.