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Am I lame for avoiding The Little Door?

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booking for a late dinner tonight (10:30pm). I'm considering Grace, Jar, The Little Door, and Il Pastaio. Boyfriend wants to go to The Little Door, but is the food any good? I hate spending money on bad food even if it's served in a charming, dimly lit patio? where would you go?

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  1. I think the food is much better at Grace than at the Little Door. The Little Door has a beautiful setting, but I found the food to be VERY pricey for decent, yet unspectacular food.

    1. I'm in the same boat as the OP. I've never been there before, but have heard good things (all from outside this board). It's enough to have kept me away, but I think I will put it back on my list, only because I remain curious about it. If it's not a special occassion night - I'd just say GO FOR IT - esp. if the BF is game. I hate spending money for bad food as well - but I've remained curious ... so I think I'll end up there eventually (and either think - "man, I caught a good night" - or "shoulda listened to the 'hounds!").

      1. I would go to Grace and not even think twice about it. Grace has great food, wonderful decor, attentive staff, filling mains and satisfying desserts.

        1. Grace is one of my all-time favoites. Esp. the pumpkin seafood risotto. But Little Door is a really good time with fab Morroco-ish patio and totally fine, decently prepared food -- definitely not at all "bad", just not super-inventive. You could also just do the bar/drinks/appetizer thing some time if you're curious and don't want to commit to a meal... Fun place to hang out.

          1. I went to LD a couple Fridays ago and I thought the food was wonderful- I mean really one of the best meals I've had in a long time. The pistachio-goat cheese quiche was a great appetizer choice, my bf had the mustard encrusted lamb chops, I had the rib eye and we shared the apple tartin for dessert...I cannot say that I found fault with anything except the potatoes au gratin that came with my ribeye, but that's because I'm never a fan of that preparation.

            The ambience is romantic, the French waiters aloof and it was the first time a restaurant made me want to slow down and enjoy every bite of every dish in a long time. I have never been to Grace or Jar, so take my opinion for what it's worth.

            1. The last time I was at Grace I ordered a side of brussel sprouts because I looooooove them. The waiter said "ew! brussel sprouts!" When I got them, i knew why. They were soggy and gross--as was the rest of our food. Disappointing. I don't remember the food being like that when they opened.

              've never had a bad meal at The Little Door. I always find it to be fresh, simple and delicious. I think it's one of the prettier restaurants in LA. I honestly don't understand why it always gets bad reviews on Chowhound. I've always had great service and honestly, I've never paid more there then I have at Grace or Lucques. My only complaint, and it's not really a complaint, is that the portions are BIG. Sometimes too big. The desserts are huge. Share one.

              Here are some other things I like so you can see if our tastes match: Hate the pizza at Mozza loved the Crispy Duck and desserts. LOVE Babbo. Love the Sunday Supper at Lucques Cookbook more than actually going to Sunday Supper at Lucques. Hate Pink's Hot Dogs--always get a Dodger Dog at games. Loved Opus. Love Beard Papa. Love the drunken man noodles at Red Pearl Kitchen--but that's it. Love burgers at Father's Office. Love the Aqua Fresca at Alegria. Mmmm cantaloupe.

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                LOVE BEARD PAPAS!! Top best food discovery of 2006

              2. here's a little update - another couple is joining us - they got to weigh in as well, and wanted to try Grace (we will not so much as mention the brussel sprouts). all the great above praise has encouraged me to make a confident dinner reservation at LD in the near future. Only problem, after eating all my Joan's on 3rd cheese and quince paste - i'm feeling fullish.