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Mar 2, 2007 02:22 PM

Saturday lunch on the patio...

My fiance and I are visiting from Phoenix and we have family driving from Dallas and Houston tomorrow to meet for the first time. Any suggestions on a great place to go to lunch, sit on a nice patio (since the weather seems to be amazing) and enjoy each other's company, and most importantly, not be rushed. Thank you!

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  1. I love Lamberts' patio for lunch (2nd and Guadalupe). In addition to yummy barbecue, salads and other fare, they have big green umbrellas to shield you from the sun - plus free parking at City Hall.

    1. ... how about The Oasis, overlooking Lake Travis? I have never been tempted to eat there, as they seem to have a so-so reputation for food, but I have had plenty of drinks and desserts there. And the view, if you can snag a table at the edge of the outdoor patio ... mama mia, what a view! Late afternoon and into the sunset across the lake ... ah ...

      As to your fiance: you do realize that all divorces are due to marraige, don't you? Please reconsider (LOL).

        1. I like Opal Divine's for casual eats and a good draft beer selection.

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            All good suggestions. Today, it will be a little cool - I'd save the waterside options for tomorrow....althought Four Seasons would be nice, but it is high end. You weren't specific about food or price, so I'll guess that the atmoshere is more important.

            If you are just looking for Austin scenery and some okay food, then you could try Hula Hut at a non-peak hour. Mozart's is next door for some coffee. The deck out at Dry Creek Saloon is interesting and in the same general area. A better idea is to grab some good sandwiches from Hog Island or Popeye's chicken and picnic on the pedestrian bridge and or town lake/Zilker. You could watch the kites this weekend for a more memorable experience. Buy some wine and some smoked oysters. Let the day fall away and then stroll around the music downtown.

            If you go to the Oasis, go tomorrow. Here's what I do: eat beforehand, order iced tea, and bring a flask of Southern Comfort. Some of the apps are passable, even decent, and they have salads. Just don't make it a dinner destination.

          2. We just came back from River City Grill in Marble Falls. What a (covered) patio overlooking Lake Marble Falls and the Hwy 281bridge! Lovely unobstructured view, and today the weather was perfect to be outdoors. The food and service, BTW, weren't bad at all. Beth loved her flame broiled teriyaki ribeye and I cannot complain about the cfs accompanied by (double the sin) really huge onion rings. $37, including wine. A great place for groups IMHO.