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Mar 2, 2007 02:06 PM

Eating in Glendora

We'll be meeting some friends for dinner tomorrow night in Glendora. Other than Flappy Jacks, I'm not too familiar with the restaurants there. I've seen mention of a place called Chelsea's which got some positive reviews. Has anyone eaten there lately, and what are the prices like? Any other recs? Thank-you!

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  1. In the mood for Pizza/Italian?

    If so, in SanDimas there is a Petrillo's on Arrow Hwy. or you could go to Tulippino on Citrus in Azusa.

    Not quite Glendora but close.

    1. Chelsea is an okay option, but stay away from the table bread and olive oil. That said, I have to give props to the Golden Spur on Route 66. It's very old school steak house atmosphere (read: musty), but they have some really terrific steaks - the bluecheese-stuffed filet mignon with red wine reduction is a stand out. They have very gooey but classic garlic cheese bread and killer martinis. I'd give it a whirl. I've tried every restaurant in that city, and it is slim pickin's, but that is a definite gem!

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        Thanks for the suggestions. Can you tell me the price range for the Golden Spur? We're not looking for anything too expensive...perhaps in the $12-15/person range.

        Is Petrillo's a sitdown restaurant? is it only pizza or also other Italian dishes? Thanks for the replies!

      2. I would pass on Tulipano. I was taken there for a birthday lunch, and was served Crostini which consisted of some chopped tomato on a crouton. The ravioli were filled with water, and it sorely lacks any sort of ambiance. I think you would find this restaurant as disappointing as I did.

        1. Well, it is more than that. I think the aforementioned filet mignon is $30. But it rivals other steak houses I've been to. There are dishes in that range, however: Pasta, chicken, etc., that are very good, too. Sometimes my friends go there just for the iceburg lettuce salad with blue cheese, cheese bread and drinks, which is a pretty good deal.

          There's also Hill Street in the village, and Sergio's for pretty cheap and tasty mexican on Route 66. Let us know what you think.

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            I just went to the Golden Spur for the first time earlier this week... .been meaning to post. I LOVED how kitchy, throw back it was - even down to the waitstaff (not like Del Rae, but more like stuck in the 80's forever. You KNOW this had to be the hip place back in the day)... I did not, however, find my meal to be very good. Had an escargot starter - which was very good, but only served with a few, small slivers of bread - hardly enough to sop up all the oil/garlic yumminess. I ordered the chicken and mushroom dish (raved about by the waitress) - I found the dish to be oversauced. The mushrooms were good, and the chicken was ok... but just too much sauce. I had a side of rice and veggies that were DROWED in butter... I mean, absolutely swimming - covering the entire plate. I think that killed the dish for me... should have stuck with the steaks. The prices are anywhere from $16.95 on up to well into the $30's.... very friendly warm service. The garlic bread was very good and old school - and the salad was large - I ordered mine without croutons, and the waitress told me I had to try them, as they made them on site. I tried them and they were ok - but nothing I would have been sad about missing if I skipped them. If I find myself there again, I'll be sure to get steak and a martini!!

            to the OP: Petrillo's has a full menu of italian food - but my suggestion is to get the Specialty Pizza -- YUM! Petrillo's will fit your price point perfectly.

            Never tried Chelsea... so I can't speak for it.

            1. re: The Oracle

              Oracle, it's a relative thing. I know what you're saying. But we're talking about Glendora, after all. There are so few places to mention, even less to rave about. I guess I just wanted to give a shout out to the very few palatable places it has to offer. I'm a transplant, and really, I have tried everything Glendora has to offer, and the Spur, IMVHO, is as good as it gets around here. :-)

          2. I think Chelsea is a good bet. I've been there several times in the past couple years, as my brother lives out there and that's the only place he's taken us. It's pretty elegant for its Stater Bros-strip-mall local, and sort of Calif. fusion cuisine with Italian and Asian flares. Good wine selection, and attentive service. I couldn't find prices online, but I seem to remember entrees in the $15-20 range, with specials being more, and pastas/salads less. Definitely not something to slog through 210 traffic for, but a solid local choice if you're out that way.

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            1. re: cant talk...eating

              Agree. Chelsea's is in our regular rotation in that part of the world. Specials (e.g., a ribeye steak) can run up into the mid-20s, but most main courses fall below that.

              Their garlic rolls are incredibly addictive. I could make a meal out of those!