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Mar 2, 2007 01:17 PM

MSP Month End UPDATE - inform your fellow chowhounds

Tell us where you've been since the mid month update.

Tell us how it was.

Tell us all!



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  1. calling all hounds!!!!

    Everyone must be out to eat.

    I ONLY went out once - sick kids & had to cancel a lot of sitters and plans. Looking forward better chow evenings!

    I finally made it to 2021. & I'm still undecided. I didn't love the format of the waitstaff slapping food on my plate and calling it family style. I did adore the duck. But I felt a little PF changs in there. And my clothes stunk of grease. I won't be rushing back! So I guess I'm no longer undecided.

    & we finally got take out sushi from midori. HEAVEN. got it again tonight.

    1. Let's see if I can remember since my mid-month update, it has been a short month.

      SpoonRiver - for drinks and appetizers. I want to like this place so much, especially since it's 2 blocks from my office, but most things I've gotten have just been too bland.

      Moti Mahal - we got takeout last weekend. It was fine, but we probably wouldn't go back as we like India Palace much better.

      Pizza Nea - we got take out on a frantic night last week when my computer crashed and we wanted to bribe a friend into helping us :) It was good, although it somehow tastes better at the restaurant in my experience.

      Bagu - another take out experience. I love it because it's close and average/slightly above average. It's proximity to our house is really what it's got going for it.

      Town Hall Brewery - I went for a friend's going away celebration. I was craving their black bean burger so that totally hit the spot.

      Town Talk Diner - A crazy long wait but we really like this place. I had the chop salad which was very filling and great mix of textures. I would have asked for the dressing on the side though because every piece was really covered in it.

      Zushiya (Maple Grove) - Eh... we have to fulfill our sushi goal though :)

      It's March, but we went to Tum Rup Thai tonight. It was busy although they had a quick turn over of tables. All the food we've had there has been really fresh and good, although we both asked for our dishes to be hot tonight and they ended up maybe medium. Kind of disappointing.

      That's all I can think of for now.

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      1. re: katebauer

        You forgot to mention Little Szechuan! ;-)


        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          Oh yes! I didn't have my calendar in front of me so I couldn't figure out how far back to go.

      2. Didn't eat out much this past month, but one place I got my, not so much of a chowhound, husband to try was The Modern, and he's hooked. Of course he got the pot roast. We started with the mussels, which were good, but the fries were delicious. I had the appetizer of mac 'n cheese with truffle oil as my entree. YUM. Can't wait to go back when I can have a glass of wine. (I'm prego-20 more weeks to go!)

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        1. re: MayrMN

          I was crushed to see that they ruined perfectly good mussels (and they are perfectly good at the Modern) by cooking them with chorizo! Why mess with perfection? Is there such a thing as TOO creative? But that's another thread, perhaps on the general chowhound topics board.

          1. re: MayrMN

            See, I'm on the other side of the table with the Chorizo in the mussels. I had these and loved the smokiness and spiciness imparted. It was not overwhelming and was a great compliment to the meatiness of the mussles. White wine, garlic, and butter can only be had so many times before it bores me and turns into the next bruchetta IMO.

          2. Susan, thanks for starting these threads! I always get good ideas on places to try.

            This was a busy month, so we did lots of take-out from our regular places like Birchwood, Puerta Azul, Bona, U Garden, and Punch. And cooked a lot. We didn't get out to eat until the very end of the month.

            Mairin's Table - Delicious and charming, as usual. I had salmon with grilled (roasted?) veggies and mashed potatoes. I meant to take half of my dinner home, as there was a lot of food, but before I knew it, the whole meal was gone. My husband had lamb kabobs, which were very good, and my friend had beef stroganoff, which he reported was nice, and chocolate cake, which he said was great.

            This weekend (are we in March already?), we tried three new places:

            Bombay 2 Deli - We rushed here as soon as they plowed our street for two combo lunches and a samosa. The chickpea curry was good (nothing special), but the eggplant curry was great, and the yogurt soup was fabulous. And I loved the samosa. The very best dish was a dessert of thickened condensed milk and mango - good for sharing, because it's really rich. I loved the atmosphere at this friendly and casual corner of a grocery store; I'll be back here often. Too bad they're not open today - they're closed on Monday and Tuesday).

            Pho Ca Dao - Finally got here for some pho and papaya salad. I agree with those other chowhound who say this is the best pho in town. The papaya salad is a strong contender, too. Also, this just might be the least fancy Vietnamese restaurant in town - it's my kind of place.

            Midtown Global Market - Got a medley of take-out food for an impromptu dinner. (I've been to MGM before, but I tried three different places this time.) I bought some Barbacoa de chivo (Goat BBQ) from Bymore Meats for a different meal, but I couldn't resist eating some as I put it away. (Verdict: WOW! It's rich and delicious and just fatty enough to be succulent.) For last night's meal, I got rotisserie chicken from Holy Land, plus a bunch of dips and sides that I've never had before: tabouli salad (good), Egyptian Hummos (super good), Imam Bayildi (mmm... excellent eggplant-tomato salad), and whole wheat pita (so much better than the white-flour version). And fresh asparagus and cherry tomatoes from the produce stand. What a feast! I would have gotten dessert, too, but all the dessert stands were closed at 6:30 on Sunday night. So I ate Imam Bayildi and pita for dessert.

            I think I had cabin fever after several days of shoveling and pushing cars. But all the food from warmer climes cured the fever and I'm back to enjoying the snow!


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              1. re: Mill City Modern

                It's on University Ave in St. Paul, near Little Szechuan and Mai Village. It's a very bare-bones place, and they serve only pho and drinks. And papaya salad.

                Pho Ca Dao
                439 University Ave. Saint Paul

                No web site - it's not fancy enough - and it's not even listed on! (Pho fans - help me submit more Twin Cities places so that the web site becomes a useful reference.)


                There's a two-year-old review in the MSP/STP magazine:



            1. Thanks! All the great University Ave food makes me sad I don't live in St. Paul anymore. I wish some great Vietnamese places would hang a shingle in NE Minneapolis!