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Mar 2, 2007 01:08 PM

El Cholo & USC Discount Question

At the El Cholo location in LA, they offer USC students a 50% discount. Has anyone ever tried applying that to another branch? I called but they directed me to corporate office where no one picked up.

Also, is the El Cholo in Pasadena affiliated? The website says it's independently owned but the woman who answered the phone said they were! How confusing.


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  1. The buildings look identical, so yes, I think they are the same.

    1. I'm pretty sure El Cholo is a chain. They may be independently owned/franchised, but they serve identical food. The one in La Habra is pretty much the same as well.

      1. These might help:

        The logos look the same, but the Pasadena one has it's own website, and says "independently owned and operated."

        1. The El Cholo in Pasadena is not related to the other ones. It is, however, related to the Dona Rosa and the awful Barn Burners next door.

          1. The USC discount is only at the Western branch.

            The Pasadena one is independent of the others, however, it is run by a member of the same family - so there is a connection that way. The same family member who owns the Pasadena El Cholo also owns Dona Rosa and Barn Burner, as mentioned above.

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