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Mar 2, 2007 12:56 PM

Japanese restaurant on Lincoln

I've passed this Japanese restaurant on Lincoln and wondered if it would be decent eat at. It's in the Albertson's shopping center (Cross street Ocean Park) Now, I'm not what you call a sushi chowhound, just looking for some salmon teriyaki and CA Roll. Anyone been here who can vouch for this place?

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  1. We went once. It was/is a coffee shop in the morning and then a Japanese place at night (Thomas Coffee Shop?) or somesuch. It should be okay given your description of your sushi / j food standards. We thought it was pretty bad considering the other places in and around West LA - Santa Monica and Venice.

    1. We also ate there once. I agree it's pretty bad considering your other options in the area. I was somewhat concerned about the freshness of a couple of (raw) orders and I won't go back there.

      If you want reasonably priced teriyaki/california rolls in that area I'd suggest either Yuni Sushi which is on Lincoln a few blocks north at Bay or Ninjin at 6th and Colorado.

      The CA rolls and other sushi at Yuni are pretty good and reasonably priced. Haven't tried anything cooked there except the miso. Ninjin has good CA rolls and other sushi as well. I have tried some cooked food (gyoza, tempura, teriyaki) there as well, and it was all very good. I usually get the lunch sushi specials at both and they are reasonably good sushi for a good value. Ninjin also lets you combo cooked food and sushi in both their dinner and lunch combos.