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Mar 2, 2007 12:53 PM

Plumpjack Cafe

Has anyone eaten here lately? Good, bad, just ok?

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  1. Michael Bauer just gave it a rave review last week. I was surprised that didn't spur any discussion here.

    1. I guess they don't still price bottles of wine in the restaurant the same as at their wine shop?

      1. I was there last weekend. The food was good, but no better than under the previous chef. I had suckling pig that was excellent, my wife's chicken was a little dry. I have never had a bad meal there, and service was very good as always.

        The wine prices are priced the same as they have been for the last few years. Some fantastic deals on the list, which is on their website. Several years ago they started charging some markups, and they seem to have held the line on that. They have not priced their wines at wine shop prices for at least three years.