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great grilled calamari/octopus?

where can i get a great dish of grilled calamari or octopus? moderate price.

when i was out of town i had this awesome belgian dish of grilled octopus with capers, balasmic vinegar, oil, and herbs. i'd love to find something similar in manhattan. any area though midtown is preferred.


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  1. I like the grilled octopus at Uncle Nicks.

    1. I had grilled octopus in a vinagraitte at Thalassa in Tribeca that was to die for!!

      1. Grilled baby octopus appetizer at Gramercy Tavern is wonderful. Have that and a drink at the bar. Not too expensive.

        1. I love the grilled calamari at Avra, the "simply grilled to perfection" one, although the stuffed one is good too but a different thing all together.

          1. Second Gramercy Tavern. Also, estiatorio milos.

            1. Ethos, on 3rd Ave btw 33rd & 34th, has amazing grilled calamari. They really nail that just-charred flavor with a wonderful texture, that elusive toothy-but-not-chewy feeling that excellent grilled calamari should have.

              Their range of grilled fishes in general is fantastic.

              1. new place kefi 79 b/t amst/b'way just reviewed favorably in ny, t/out and ny times. formerly onera more formal greek. now more casual, the grilled octopus was firm, not mushy, but not that rubbery stuff you can get. it was surrounded by a bean salad with just the right amount of that pleasing vinegary dressing. while you are there the sweetbreads, spanikopita, basic greek salad with shaved fennel and the walnut cake for dessert were excelllent too.

                1. Periyali is my favorite place for grilled Octopus. Also Cafe Greco on UES has okay grilled Octopus and a good prix fixe dinner if you don't mind eating with the seniors.

                  1. as mentioned previously, Ethos and Thalassa do a wonderful job and I'd also like to add Bette's octopus with fingerling potatoes appetizer. I reviewed recently at my site, http://www.strumerika.com

                    1. Milos has fabulous grilled octopus. And it's in midtown.

                      1. I second the Kefi endorsement. The grilled octopus with beans in a vinaigrette is spectacular.

                        1. IL Bagatto on 2nd Street btw A/B gets my vote hands down. Best grilled Calamari I've tried anywhere

                          1. I like Babbo's octopus app. It's amazing!

                            1. I like Del Posto Enoteca's grilled octopus app.