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Mar 2, 2007 12:50 PM

great grilled calamari/octopus?

where can i get a great dish of grilled calamari or octopus? moderate price.

when i was out of town i had this awesome belgian dish of grilled octopus with capers, balasmic vinegar, oil, and herbs. i'd love to find something similar in manhattan. any area though midtown is preferred.


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  1. I like the grilled octopus at Uncle Nicks.

    1. I had grilled octopus in a vinagraitte at Thalassa in Tribeca that was to die for!!

      1. Grilled baby octopus appetizer at Gramercy Tavern is wonderful. Have that and a drink at the bar. Not too expensive.

        1. I love the grilled calamari at Avra, the "simply grilled to perfection" one, although the stuffed one is good too but a different thing all together.

          1. Second Gramercy Tavern. Also, estiatorio milos.