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Mar 2, 2007 12:32 PM

REALLY good dim sum in Atlanta?

I'm finding all the places are rated "best" by the usual sources are highly mediocre. Can someone recommend really, REALLY good dim sum in Atlanta, not just dim sum that's good enough for Westerners?

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  1. I like the Canton House best of all the places in Atlanta.
    Here are some reviews:
    I've had better in Toronto but I think they are on a par with any I've had in New York.

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      have been twice in the past two months. First time was ok. Thought we would give it another try, so went today. We will not go back. The food was just about ok. The service was bad and I think they have increased their prices.

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. It's been 26 years since I've been there.
        Here's a more up to date suggestion:
        be sure to go down to the next to last post in the thread and click on Hong Kong link for the best set of Dim Sum Pictures and explanations I have ever seen anywhere.
        I am going to Tasty China this Saturday and I hope it lives up to its reports here.

      2. China Delight on Chamblee-Tucker Road (Just off Buford Hwy) serves some
        of the best di sum I've eaten. And if they've stopped serving dim sum (late
        afternoon) by all means try the menu items (the true Chinese, not the American-
        Chinese) not too expensive and truly tasty.

        1. The consensus seems to be that the "best" place generally rotates between Oriental Pearl, Happy Valley, China Delight, and East Pearl. Just depends which Chef is cooking where and they seem to move a lot. Canton House is often mentioned as well. I have not been to Canton since before the renovation, but found it somewhat cold and greasy in the past. It may have improved tremendously.. East pearl is good - nice and hot- but nothing great. China Delight is usually solid; have not been to Happy Valley since is it supposedly improved. Oriental Pearl used to be the hands-down winner but varies now.

          Please post on your experiences once you go. I agreee with another poster on another forum - this board has too many folks asking where to eat and then absolutely no follow up. It is boring that way. Especially the "I'm in downtown for a convention but don't have time to search the board - where should I eat" vein.

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          1. re: LizATL

            I am so with you on those that don't follow-up! If you report back, you give back to the board instead of just taking. I definitely have gotten tired of those out-of-town posters that put generic "where's the best place to eat in (city name)?" and never post back. I'm w/you there, sistah!

            Getting back to the topic on hand (sorry for the rant), I really enjoyed my last visit to China Delight. By the time we got through eating, the cart w/the bbq pork finally came around. Even though I was bursting at the seams, I seriously contemplated getting some and eating it b/c it looked so very good. I decided against it but made a mental note to try it next time.

          2. There is one very good place on Cheshire Bridge Road, but I can't remember the current name of it. Pretty easy to find, though. Near several other good eats like Nino's southern Italian and Nakato Japanese restaurants.
            There are many good Asian restaurants of Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean style on Buford Highway in Chamblee. Check out this Atlanta foodie blog -

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            1. re: weremonkey

              I believe that is Hong Kong Harbor. I keep hitting there at the wrong times and the selection of dim sum is only fair but I think they have (or used to have) a menu to order dim sum off of. Not as much fun as waiting for the cart but you do have a choice that way.