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Mar 2, 2007 12:30 PM

Need *nice* Sunday Brunch place for Aunt's B-Day

My aunt is visiting from London and would like a nice Sunday brunch place to celebrate her 60th birthday. She has had a lot of very good food all over the world. We are on the N. Side, so N. side or downtown would be good. I would like a few recos for Buffets, and a few recos for Non-buffets. Price can be up to $30-$40 per person. Thanks!!!!!

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    My top suggestion, as long as it's a clear day, is the Signature Room at the 95th, at the top of the John Hancock Building. It's a nice buffet brunch, but more so, it's a spectacular location, with a view through the floor-to-ceiling windows in all directions. The view makes this one the most thrilling and memorable for an out-of-town visitor. $42

    Signature Room at the 95th -

    My next three recommendations are all rather similar to each other. They are all top notch brunches at the fine dining restaurants in three of the top hotels in town: NoMi at the Park Hyatt, Seasons at the Four Seasons, and the Cafe at the Ritz-Carlton. All offer wonderful buffets, with the finest gourmet food you'll ever find on a buffet. I'm not sure but based on the brunch menu on their website, NoMi *may* have entrees cooked to order in addition to their selection of buffet items. I'm also not sure about whether prices will be in your stated range; NoMi's website says that it's $55, and I forget how much Seasons and the Ritz are. (Shame on me; I was just at Sunday brunch at Seasons a couple of months ago.) These three places are ultra-luxury brunches, the kind of place that will impress many sixty-year-old aunts (and with food that impresses anyone of any age).

    NoMi -
    Seasons -
    Ritz-Carlton -

    All four of the above are located along the Magnificent Mile stretch of Michigan Avenue.


    For the top two places where you can order from a brunch menu, I would recommend Bistro 110, which has a very nice brunch (French bistro food) and is also located right off the Mag Mile, and Custom House, just south of the Loop. Both are *nice* and are sure to please.

    Bistro 110 - (website is temporarily unavailable)
    Custom House -

    Here are two more excellent brunch places on the North Side where you can order off the menu; depending on where you are located, they may be even more convenient to you than the places downtown:

    Sola -
    North Pond -

    Here are two more which have excellent brunches but whose locations may be somewhat less convenient (Sweets and Savories is on the Northwest Side, and Cuatro is on the Near South Side near McCormick Place):

    Cuatro -
    Sweets and Savories -

    There are a bunch of other places that serve excellent and very popular brunches - Bongo Room, Flo, Wishbone, M. Henry, Kitsch'n, Orange - but I would *not* recommend them for your particular needs because (a) most don't take reservations and wait times are long on Sundays, and (b) I don't think they are as appropriate as the *nice* place you're looking for. Not that they're not nice, but they're a lot more casual, etc.

    Bongo Room -
    Kitsch'n -
    Orange (no website AFAIK)
    Wishbone -
    Flo -
    M. Henry -

    1. NoMi does, in fact, have items cooked to order off of the menu in addition to a wonderful buffet (I believe I had a lobster eggs benedict the last time I was there and it was fantastic). I would recommend that over the Signature Room. You'll still get a view and the food will be significantly better (and honestly not that much more pp). Last time I was there it was $50pp (outside of your price range but well worth it).