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Mar 2, 2007 12:28 PM

Any suggestions on Latin American restaurants?

Looking for something besides Mexican in town. Any ideas?

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  1. I recommend all of these highly -

    El Zunzal - Salvadoran
    Casa Brasil - Brazilian Sandwiches
    Bueno Aires Cafe - Argentinian
    Mi Colombia - Colombian

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    1. re: looper

      Add: Sampaio's on Burnet for more-or-less Brazilian food.
      Cuban is Latin American...the place on S. Congress is usually quite

      1. re: sambamaster

        Habana. Their Lechon Asado is outstanding.

      2. re: looper

        Has anyone tried the Salvadorean restaurant on 183 between Ohlen and Lamar? How is Sao Paolo where Sampaio used to be?

        I like the "more or less" comment below regarding Sampaio. They do have a happy hour til 6:30....the mussels and the smoky Salmon cakes are really good. I imagine that one could catch a salmon in Brazil, but I haven't been there myself. I miss the authentic Brazilian plates from the old location. I bet they are making a lot more money now, so who can blame them? It is hard to get people to eat salt cod on a regular basis.

        Elsi's is "more or less" Salvadorean food. I haven't been since they were at the old location. I had a really good tamal was a special. The rest of the menu was rice and beans and enchiladas and other mex items.

        1. re: rudeboy

          Having lived in brazil, and cooked the food for hundreds of people, i can say that at present, there is no real brazilian place in town, and other than the short lived cafe brazil from the early 1980s, never has been. too bad, the owners of the two aforementioned joints don't have the guts to serve us austinites the real deal. the fogo de chao will come close, but who needs a 45 buck salad bar served with old, nasty meats? in Brasil, the good churrascarias are not rodizio style (the all you can eat thing), but feature grilled to order meats...and they are wonderful...
          that said, the food at sampaio's tastes ok, it just ain't brazilian. the xim xim de galinha i had resembled a thai curry dish without the curry more than true xim xim...too bad.

          1. re: sambamaster

            The new Churrascaria, opening "soon" on 71 at Brodie, that I referred to previously is called ESTANCIA CHURASCARIA. I guess that it is not the Fogo de Chao that has been cited lately. Any, I doubt that $50 meals will fill this location, so I'm hoping that the quality will reflect Fogo with Rodizio prices.

      3. Habana.

        And, yes...they do serve up some tasty food. There's also a nice location on 6th street near I-35

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        1. re: jwynne2000

          I like Habana a lot, too. Just how authentic is it? Can any Cuban weigh in on this?