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Pork Pie at Myers of Keswick

I have been dying to try the Pork Pies at Myers of Keswick in the Village, so today on my lunch break I went down there and picked up one of them. Since the pie seemed to be cooked, I ate it as it was, straight out of the bag. Anyway, I noticed somewhere about halfway through the pie that the meat in the middle was pink, i.e. undercooked.
So my question is this: do I need to worry about getting trichinosis and dropping dead?
Thanks in advance.
PS: The pie was tasty.

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  1. you might die. good pie though.

    1. How are you feeling now? I too have been dying to try their pies.

      1. Update: So far I have no symptoms. I'll keep you all posted

        1. I love all their pies sausage, kidney, lamb etc. The black pudding, similar to bouden(french not sure if i spelled right) is fab.

          1. I think you should be fine, Fozzie Bear. When I cook pork it's often a little pink in the middle, rather than grey all the way through! What I really want is some chippolata sausages for breakfast tomorrow, but they closed 5 minutes ago!

            1. Try the lamb curry pie too-also to die for.

              1. A cook friend of mine told me that undercooked pork isn't as dangerous as it used to be because pigs no longer eat garbage.

                He's not a very good cook though.

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                  That is perhaps one of the funniest things I have ever read!

                2. Pork pies are properly pink in the middle (sorry, couldn't sustain the alliteration).

                  Trichonosis is so hard to get nowadays you've kind of got to want it to get it. It dies at 137 degrees, pretty much air temperature on this mild Spring day.

                  1. most of the pies there are drop dead delicious