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Mar 2, 2007 12:22 PM

Pork Pie at Myers of Keswick

I have been dying to try the Pork Pies at Myers of Keswick in the Village, so today on my lunch break I went down there and picked up one of them. Since the pie seemed to be cooked, I ate it as it was, straight out of the bag. Anyway, I noticed somewhere about halfway through the pie that the meat in the middle was pink, i.e. undercooked.
So my question is this: do I need to worry about getting trichinosis and dropping dead?
Thanks in advance.
PS: The pie was tasty.

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  1. you might die. good pie though.

    1. How are you feeling now? I too have been dying to try their pies.

      1. Update: So far I have no symptoms. I'll keep you all posted

        1. I love all their pies sausage, kidney, lamb etc. The black pudding, similar to bouden(french not sure if i spelled right) is fab.

          1. I think you should be fine, Fozzie Bear. When I cook pork it's often a little pink in the middle, rather than grey all the way through! What I really want is some chippolata sausages for breakfast tomorrow, but they closed 5 minutes ago!