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Mar 2, 2007 12:21 PM

First Post - lot to share.

This is great! A ton of people with great tips. I'm a frequent visitor to Vinny's At Night and it's all positive. I live near Wakefield and thought Zaleks's was a sandwich place until everyone here clued me in. Just went to Olive's and thought they were living off their reputation. I'll share this, or more likely, I'll join the chorus saying that "The Restaurant" in Woburn is both very good food and a very good deal. Not exactly dining, but for that quick but tasty bite it certainly fits the bill. Let me ask the veterans of this site - If you find a great spot do you want to share it or do you want to protect it from the crowds?

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  1. Welcome to the forum! It's definitely a great place for those of us who are nuts about Boston restaurants (or just plain nuts, in a few cases).

    In answer to your question, I think that most of us are willing to share those great places that might not be as well-known. Ultimately, it's good for the restaurants, and chances are, the crowds won't get all that crazy due to publicity on this site. One example is C.F. Donovan's in Dorchester; a few of us have been raving about the place for awhile now, and yes, its business has picked up a lot over the past couple of years, but depending on when you go, getting a seat still isn't all that tough.

    Still, I do have one or two places that I don't mention, though. ;-)

    1. Thanks. A whole group of us have been eating out regularly for a long time. I used to think it was best to protect your best finds, but I think I've matured! It's more fun to share and the really good restaurants deserve the attention.

      1. Frankly, I think most of us hounds have egos just big enough that we have to brag a little when we find a great, undiscovered place.

        Friends be damned. :)

        1. I always share a good spot, when I find it.

          My take on The Restaurant in Woburn is quite different from yours. It was a cafetaria style restaurant, like sliding your tray and getting food. Blech, was all I have to say about my visit there.

          Is it different now?

          And welcome to the board, it's a great place for getting/giving tips.

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            It's still that way, but the food is excellent. Granted, cafeteria-style places aren't for everyone, but it's tough to beat their mac and cheese, chicken pot pie, and steak tips, IMO.

          2. Hi hounds,

            "Let me ask the veterans of this site - If you find a great spot do you want to share it or do you want to protect it from the crowds?"

            We apologise for interrupting, but we'd like to request that further discussion about sharing vs. protecting finds (above) be discussed on the Site Talk board. You may start a new thread there if you wish. Many thanks for helping us keeping this Boston focused on chow information.