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Mar 2, 2007 12:18 PM

Could some of you tell what you pay for pork?

Hi--I read Chocolate & Zucchini, a food site written from Paris. A few days ago the price of pork loin was mentioned, 25 Euros for 4.4 lbs. This works out to about $7.50 US dollars per pound. Half an hour ago, at my local (Salt Lake City, Utah) Wild Oats grocery the price for pork loin was $7.99 per pound.

What is the price in NY, San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Denver, Dallas,--wherever you are!

Thanks very much!

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  1. Pork loin here in NY hasn't been over $2 a lb in years, unless the ones you're looking at have some special tendencies??

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      I just paid (gulp) $45 for a 5 lb pounded and butterflied pork loin in Manhattan last night. Granted, I was in a rush and called the butcher down the street on Madison Avenue and he fixed it up for me and stayed open late so I could pick it up. But I guess that's about $9 a pound after tax.

    2. Well, this pork is raised humanely and without artificial--anything--supposedly.
      I wish there were a way to be sure what you're getting, and if you're paying a reasonable price. And thanks for answering, coll!

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        There are always government price lists for commodities
        although sorry, I don't know as much about organic etc...

      2. In this week's LA County sale fliers, Ralphs (Kroger) has center-cut pork loin roasts for $2.99/lb, Vons (Safeway) is offering the cryovac whole boneless pork loin at $2.47/lb. These last are usually available at Costco for right at $2. I believe the better-quality pork loin at Whole Foods, Gelson's and Bristol Farms are generally closer to the $7-$8 range the OP mentioned.

        I was buying and using a lot of those whole boneless loins, but then Hormel began brining them first, which has pretty much ruined them for me. Now I'm mostly getting shoulder butt, again typically around $2/lb, but sometimes getting as low as 99ยข at the discount markets.

        1. We buy our pork at a local farm (MA) that sells organic meat. We are paying $2.35 for center cut boneless roast and $1.75 for thick bone-in chops.

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              yes - please tell us which farm this is!

            2. The original comment has been removed