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Mar 2, 2007 12:07 PM

Zed's or Meskerem for Ethiopian?

Any opinions on the two? Just visiting for the weekend and wondering if Etete is that much better.

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  1. Etete is better. But if you must have one or the other, I would go for Mesekerem.

    1. Having been to all three I would probably go for Etete though Zed's is a very close second at least with respect the vegetarian entrees. All of the food at Etete was well done but nothing stood out whereas I had some stellar misir wat and gomen at Zed's. Service at Etete was typical of most Ethiopian places (ie slow and relaxed with an emphasis on the former if you aren't an expat) though much better than say Meskerem; Zed's was just a slight notch better than Etete. Both Etete and Zed's are more upscale than the other Ethiopian places in town with Etete feeling more hip while Zed's exudes more "old world" (faintly imperialist) charm.

      1. I like Dukem on U Street.

        Etete is good.

        Meskerem has an interesting atmosphere where you sin on pillow-like seats.
        Zed's is a more formal atmosphere.

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          I second Dukem. Excellent food. The only place my friend brings her mother when she flies in from Ethiopia to visit.

        2. A late reply -- but, FWIW, my vote would be for Zed's over Meskerem. I've not been to either Etete or Dukem, but Zed's has been a long time favorite for me. Tried Meskerem this weekend since we were by the Zoo, and although the food was fine, our service was very aggravating. Other folks sitting nearby who'd been seated before we did were served and out the door long before we were able to get our check. Poor service on water refills, etc., and we were there at an off time so it wasn't terribly busy. I'd choose Zed's for the better service any time.