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Mar 2, 2007 12:03 PM

The Guild in SD (urban SD options)

I just had a quick lunch at The Guild, a new place in Barrio Logan. It's on the corner of Newton and Beardsley, not far from Petco and nearly underneath the Coronado bridge, in an area of warehouses and autoshops that looks like it has begun gentrifying (not far from El Porvenir).

I ordered the mahi mahi tacos. They were small (Tijuana style), but tasty. Steep at $9. The place is rather funky in that industrial-hip sort of way.

I think I would go back for a few items on the menu (they had the soon-to-be ubiquitous Kobe sliders), but more so for the atmosphere and to support a spot that is moving downtown in an interesting direction. Like Cafe Chloe and the Mission, it's nice to see urban restaurants staking claim to territory outside the Gaslamp orbit.

Has anyone else been? Does anyone else know of other restaurants in this area?

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  1. I love underground places off the beaten path and this is a great one! The food is absolutely amazing and every bite is so full of flavor. While the fish tacos are $9, you get three of them so I was quite pleased and thought it was actually a pretty good value. The contemporary industrial atmosphere is very unique and ultra cool for lounging. The surrounding neighborhood of Barrio Logan adds to the charm of this urban oasis. It seems to be a real hot spot for San Diego’s art and design community. While I was there, I saw several well known local artists and architects. The Guild reminds me of L.A.’s underground hot spots. It’s not like anything else we have in SD.