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Looking for good food Fenway area??

Any ideas for good food in the Fenway area? NOT the Linwood, NOT Boston Beerworks and something other than Standard...


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      1. On Jersey Street, Trattoria Toscana, Brown Sugar...

        1. I recommend Game On. Great burgers and steak tips!

          1. Thanks - Looks like it might beTrattoria Toscana. I'll report back.

              1. Hello everyone my name is amber im a new hound, I was about to post something like this thread... I live in NY but am traveling down to Boston for St. Paddys day... its my boyfriends birthdat and Ive been looking up the brown sugar cafe it looks amazing! I was wondering, is this the kind of place that would be suitable for a mature/ intamate 25th birthday lunch or dinner? thanks!

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                  Brown Sugar is pretty casual, with fairly closely packed tables, so I'm not sure I'd choose it for a romantic dinner, but the food is pretty good among local Thai places. It's gotten a little more Westernized and less authentic over time, so it's no longer my favorite.

                  For an occasion dinner with Thai food, I'd choose Khao Sarn Cuisine in Coolidge Corner, which has nicer atmosphere, better service, cocktails, and a more authentic version of Thai food.

                2. sorrento's, in the same strip as el pelon and the others, is one of my neighborhood faves--I just really like the atmosphere (unfussy, warm) and the food is satisfying without being boring. Not-so-basic Italian: pastas, pizzas, well-flavored sauces, and delicious warm bread...

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                    I second Sorento's. Their pizza is one of my favorites around, if not my favorite.

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                      I like Sorrento's better at lunch than at dinner - at dinner I always feel that I could get better food elsewhere for less money, but for a nicer lunch I think they are a pretty good deal (pastas etc in the $8 range).

                    2. definitely Game on, one of the best places for burgers. the salads are great as well, fun place to go.

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                        Really, Game On? I've yet to have anything but a really mediocre meal there.

                      2. Canestaro's & Sorrento for Italian are both good; haven't made it to Trattoria Toscano but Chowhounds seem to love it.