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Mar 2, 2007 11:45 AM

Healdsburg for a night

We're planning an overnight in Healdsburg and are looking for restaurant suggestions and lodging suggestions. Plan is to leave bright and early, do lunch / wine tasting at J Winery Bubble Room, then head to ????? Late dinner is preferred.

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  1. Whenever I stay in H'burg, I stay at the good 'ol Best Western Dry Creek Inn. I guess it depends on what you're looking for in a hotel, but it's clean and quiet and inexpensive. I like to save my money for wine purchases and going out to dinner so it works for me.

    Geyserville Inn is another lower budget place I stay. A bit more $ than the BW but you get bathrobes and the pool is nicer (last month when I was there it was 80 degrees and I wished I'd had my suit, so you never know).

    I've eaten at Ravenous, Manzanita and Willi's and thought all were just good. Willi's was the best of the three and, honestly, Manzanita was pretty uninspired.

    I suggest Santi in Geyserville or Mirepoix in Windsor. Santi is Italian style with local ingredients (and is right down the road from Geyserville Inn) and Mirepooix, where we ate a month ago and LOVED it, is a french brasserie. The food is great at both places.

    Lots of places have just released wines last month so it's a great time to visit. Enjoy.

    1. Eat: Cyrus
      Stay: Hotel Healdsburg

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        The HH will run you 300.00+ a night and you have to stay 2 nights on most weekends. Cyrus is about that much for dinner for two. Totally special occasion for me. I haven't tried Cyrus but there are may wonderful (and a few not so wonderful) reviews on this board.

        Another upscale lodging option is hotel Duchamp. It's right in town and you have your own private "modern cottage." We're staying there on our wedding weekend in May.

        Please go to Downtown Bakery for breakfast on Sunday morning where ever you stay.

      2. We always stay at a B&B, the Calderwood Inn. Both B's are very nice. I agree with Santi, but the last two times we were at Willi's we were disappointed. In addition, it is easy for the price to mount up as you order the small dishes.

        1. The J / bubble room is great, but calling it lunch may be a little overstated. You might not want that dinner to be too late :)

          1. Please go enjoy the beautiful room and wonderful bar at the Barn Diva, just off the plaza. Meet the dizzy owner, Luca, great chill music, and reasonable (for healdsburg) prices.