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Mar 2, 2007 11:29 AM

Brents Deli in Westlake Village

When we found out that Brents was opening in our little town that was minus a "good deli" we could not wait. My husband and I have eaten there 4 times. We will not go back. The buss boys are all over you. Constantly cleaning the table, taking the water glasses away when empty instead of refilling. The food never, never comes together. Something is always left out and it takes forever to get it removed from the bill. All they do is say how sorry they are and give excuse after excuse. The kitchen is busy, someone did not come to work so we are short handed, a mistake was made in the kitchen and we want to get it right for you.yada, yada, yada..I finally told the buss boy to not come back to the table until we leave...the conversation was interrupted constantly. I always get the feeling that they want you to leave so that they can have the table. To add insult to injury...the food was not that good! I asked what the kishka was resting on and no one had the answer. Both waitress' said..laughing...I don't know!!! Between the service and the weak chicken soup chicken, the old, not so good deli is looking much better.

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  1. I haven't been to the one in WV... but the original Brent's is THE best deli in the LA area! I've never been disappointed.

    Sorry you had a bad experience (I don't work there... but with all my recommendations, I feel SOME culpability!).

    1. sorry to hear about your experience's w/ the new Brent's. Not to make excuses for them, but I know they have been struggling to get up to speed on their service since they opened. They've been getting slammed with customers and trying to keep up w/ the pace while training a lot of new staff. Not an easy task by any means. The original Brent's in Northridge is smaller, a little quieter and the service has stayed consistently good. Never had a problem with missing dishes, food not coming out at the same time, not getting refills on water/coffee/etc or incorrect checks.

      1. I am a big fan and I feel bad that you were not happy. I know how badly they want things to be right. Please please tell a manager about the problem and the issue will be taken seriously. I have made them aware of certain problems and so has one other CH on the LA board. People have copied posts and sent them to the owners. Also in the future please take this post to the LA board where we can see them.