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Mar 2, 2007 10:54 AM

restaurant near 9 ave and 48th???

Looking for an inexpensive to moderately priced restaurant near 9th Ave. and 48th Street. No asian recos for this evening, another time. THANKS!

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  1. market cafe in the upper 30s on 9th ave. hidden gem. or go to any of the slighty above average italian or mexican places on 9th ave. search "hell's kitchen" here for details. or go to rudy's at 9th and 44 or so and drink beer and eat free hot dogs if you are really looking to save money.

    1. amarone on 9th avenue between 46th and 49th (not sure exactly)

      1. Taboon, 10th Ave and 52nd Street

        1. Azuri Cafe--51'st, off tenth avenue--not a great sit-down atmosphere , but there are tables and the food (middle eastern--falafel/shwarma) is top notch, if not the best in the city.

          1. I'll second Market Cafe (it's closest to 38th on 9th Avenue). It's our local favorite spot.

            And although I'm a big believer in the subjectivity of taste, I should say that we've been nothing but disappointed by Amarone (9th at 47th). If you're in the mood for Italian, there's Roberto Passon at 50th (although recent service problems might keep you away).



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              Ate at Passon Sunday evening (party of four). Food was excellent, price was very reasonable, service was fine. We've eaten there several times, and have never had a service problem.