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restaurant near 9 ave and 48th???

Looking for an inexpensive to moderately priced restaurant near 9th Ave. and 48th Street. No asian recos for this evening, another time. THANKS!

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  1. market cafe in the upper 30s on 9th ave. hidden gem. or go to any of the slighty above average italian or mexican places on 9th ave. search "hell's kitchen" here for details. or go to rudy's at 9th and 44 or so and drink beer and eat free hot dogs if you are really looking to save money.

    1. amarone on 9th avenue between 46th and 49th (not sure exactly)

      1. Taboon, 10th Ave and 52nd Street

        1. Azuri Cafe--51'st, off tenth avenue--not a great sit-down atmosphere , but there are tables and the food (middle eastern--falafel/shwarma) is top notch, if not the best in the city.

          1. I'll second Market Cafe (it's closest to 38th on 9th Avenue). It's our local favorite spot.

            And although I'm a big believer in the subjectivity of taste, I should say that we've been nothing but disappointed by Amarone (9th at 47th). If you're in the mood for Italian, there's Roberto Passon at 50th (although recent service problems might keep you away).


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              Ate at Passon Sunday evening (party of four). Food was excellent, price was very reasonable, service was fine. We've eaten there several times, and have never had a service problem.

            2. I had a good meal at Blue Smoke, just down the block on 9th and 46th(?). Fish. A bit further down the block, around the corner on 43rd, is Le Madeleine, a bistro. I prefer this to Marseille, on 9th and 44th, which is far noisier.

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                  If it's The Blue Point, I can say with absolute conviction: avoid.


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                    It certainly cannot be Blue Smoke because, as I'm sure you know, that's the Danny Meyer bbq spot on 27th St.

                    Until now, I'd not heard of Blue Point though I've been in the Theater District recently and was, in fact, on that block (9th & 46th). Menupages lists it as French?!! The website's url is "bluepointcreperie," but the homepage says, "Welcome to Blue Point Seafood." I'm wondering if this place took over the location that used to be Chez Suzette, which my husband and I took to calling "Chez Crapette," after we were served the most disgusting rack of lamb on the entire planet.

                    So, Nosher, do I take it you've tried Blue Point?

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                      Oh yes. We have eaten there a few times (all but the first time in an effort to make sure that we weren't getting a skewed perspective), and I'm amazed every day that the place is still in business.

                      It's not in the old Chez Suzette digs--that's Chelsea Grill. It is on the corner across 9th Avenue from Galaxy Diner, and as much as I think Galaxy has its problems, I'd eat 10 out of 10 meals at Galaxy over The Blue Point.


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                        I was on 9th Av. again yesterday, and I did notice that Chelsea Grill is in the Chez Suzette space and that The Blue Point is on the northeast corner of 9th & 46th. At night, it's hard to miss it since the huge sign is lit up in blue neon.

                        Galaxy has been there for eons. Going back several decades, we sometimes had a pre-theater bite there. Usually a BLT or a burger. But I was never really happy with the food.

                        Have you tried Chelsea Grill?

              1. I like Basilica on 9th Ave between 46th & 47th. Home-y spot, good and simple Italian food.

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                  agreed - Basilica has great Italian food and excellent service

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                    Finally someone who agrees! This place is really so nice and unrecognized.

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                      I'll throw another "yes" to Basilica.
                      I've been twice, most recently last week, and I had good experiences on both occasions. On one visit I did the pre-fixe which was solid all around and a great value.

                2. Just reccomended this on a thread looking specifically for French Bistros but Tout Va Bien on 51st & 8th is awesome.

                    1. Right at 9th & 48th is Delta Grill which serves pretty tasty cajun fare. Po Boys, Chicken Fried Steak, Crawfish pie and Crawfish etouffee have all been good there in the past, and reasonably priced.

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                        Delta Grill is actually very tasty, I'm a fan also. If you go, ask them if they have pralines that day.

                      2. Arriba Arriba's at 51st and 9th. Awesome, awesome mexican food and killer margaritas.
                        Also great: Uncle Nick's Tapas bar, on 9th ave, between 50 and 51. Fun place to share terrific Greek tapas.

                        1. We just ate at Hells Kitchen last night and really enjoyed it. It's Mexican inspired, but not at all your normal Mexican. Not cheap, but not as expensive as some other places ($8-10 appetizers, $18-22 entrees).