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Mar 2, 2007 10:38 AM

Dinner choice: Central, Komi or Blue Duck Tavern?

Going to be in town for two dinners at the end of the month. CityZen is already booked for one of them. For the other, the short list is down to Central, Komi and the Blue Duck Tavern. Price differences between the three seem to be fairly minor, so that's not a factor. Which to choose?

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  1. I can not personally recommend any of your choices myself as I have not been to them.
    But many people who's opinion I respect have praised Komi. And after reading the below review recently Komi is on my short list of must visit restaurants.

    1. Komi - one of the finest diners we've had in a long time. Creative, beautifuly presented, excellent taste, wonderful service.

      1. Only been to Komi, but it is exceptional. Have you thought about Jose Andres' minibar?

        1. I've been to Blue Duck and Central, and I vote Central. We had an amazing meal, fantastic service, and a reasonable bill.