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Mar 2, 2007 10:32 AM

online food/dinner ordering [Moved from Home Cooking]

Not sure this is the right forum, seemed the most appropriate.

My pregnant friend was recently put on bed rest and can't do any cooking. I am out of the area but wanted to possibly send some dinners to her. I know that epicurious has something from Is that stuff edible? Any other places that might be good to order prepared food from? She is in Westchester Co NY if that helps/

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  1. A friend of mine whose working family can never get together at the dinner table uses extensively. She and her family seem pretty satisfied.

    1. My M-I-L loves Home Bistro the only thing she has been less than enthusiastic about are the desserts. She says they look better than they taste. She lives in the town where Home Bistro is located and her only other complaint is having to pay shipping from a place just a couple of miles away. They are not set up to have people come pick stuff up.

      1. I'm not being flippant, but it occured to me after trying about 35 dishes that Home Bistro makes, it seems like perfect invalid food. Seriously. HB meals seem to be made of fine ingredients, but are very bland and shouldn't be upsetting to the DT. Best of luck to you and your girlfriend.

        Incidentally, for food with more flavor, try Impromptu Gourmet.