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Mar 2, 2007 10:14 AM

Subbing Stilton for Gorgonzola

I am braising some lamb shanks which, after the braise, get coated with a blue cheese crust, then roasted. The recipe calls for Gorgonzola and I have used Maytag in the past. I'd like to try it with Stilton for a friend who really likes Stilton. Do you think this would dramatically alter the dish? It only needs a few ounces of the cheese.

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  1. Stilton is a dry, crumbly cheese. Gorgonzola dolce is creamy. They taste very different to me (I love both). I think the flavor of either would be fine, I'd be concerned about the texture difference.

    1. Stilton is not dry and crumbly, unless it's old and dried out. The substitute should work fine either way. Good Stilton and Gorg Dolce has a very similar texture, but the original poster may also thinking of dry Gorg crumbles available at supermarkets everywhere.
      Once made into a crust and baked, no difference would be discernable anyway.

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