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Mar 2, 2007 10:05 AM

Bellavitae-any must-haves?

Hi everyone,
I am going to Bellavitae tonight for the first time...i'm super excited about the menu, but not sure if there are any MUST HAVE dishes.

I appreciate all your help...thanks!

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  1. I remember a delicious veal and tuna sauce. Great. Please try to sit in the small bar in the back and have the chef prepare and provide for you. I love this place..... I love the block its on too Minetta Lane is very charming.

    1. The little fried meatballs are to die for as is the cacio e pepe (ask for it if not on the menu).

      1. The Sliced Steak with Salsa Verde is mouth watering in addition to the Baked Gorgonzola drizzled with Chestnut Honey and the Crostone Siciliano. Everything is excellent and the service is great. Sit at the Chef's bar for an intimate view of the prep.

        1. I second the sliced steak and meatballs. If they have the lamb chops, they are sublime.

          They always have an aged parmesan starter with balsamic which is fantastic.

          For desert, I forget the name, but they have a slice of chocolate ice cream cake (not doing it justice calling it that), which is superb.

          Any I suggest a cynar as an after dinner drink to settle the stomach.

          The trick is to order lots of dishes and share.

          1. the puffed bread with ham is fantastic and their oven-baked pasta dish is also really great.