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Mar 2, 2007 09:51 AM

casual dinner close to monticello va

Hi, can anyone recommend a place to have a casual dinner near Monticello, or in Charlottesville. We will spend one night in the area after touring Monticello with our 11 year year old granddaughter. It would be fun to eat at a place that serves Southern homestyle cooking, as we are from the Chicago area.

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  1. Charlottesville has great food, but alas nothing truly southern. I live there, and tourists are constantly asking for BBQ or collard greens, and there just isn't any good place. Too many New York/New England transplants.

    There are, however, excellent restaurants. Here are some that might be good for you and your granddaughter: If you go early (5:30-6:30), Continental Divide has great Southwestern cuisine. As it gets later, it gets too smoky for kids. Shebeen ( is a very good South African place. Something truly Charlottesville is Bizou on the Downtown Mall - upscale comfort food. It has been a local favorite for years. That would be my #1 choice.

    1. There's a cute little blink-and-you'll-miss it roadside BBQ joint called Buck Island BBQ located right on Hwy 53 as you're driving from I-64/Charlottesville to Monticello. Lots of great food that tastes homemade, like fresh bread, coleslaw and and some really excellent ribs and BBQ. I highly recommend it for those in the area around Monticello, where there aren't a lot of reasonably priced food options for visitors.