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Mar 2, 2007 09:49 AM

Saturday lunch at Queen E and Broadview

Hi there,

Does anyone have any recommendations for a place near Queen E and Broadview where one can enjoy a leisurely sit down lunch with cocktails with in a relatively filth-free environment (so not Dangerous Dan's) on a Saturday afternoon?

Most of the places I've checked don't open until 5pm or later on Saturdays...

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  1. Pop Bistro is open for brunch,it's in that location!Actually there are a few spots within 5 mins. of there which are open for brunch. Joy Bistro, Kubo Radio, both on Queen, nearer to Logan. I don't know the websites, but you can look for that.

    1. The Burger Shoppe is set to open today in the area. I'm not sure if they will be open for lunches.

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        Went by The Burger Shoppe last night to try it out but looks like they have yet to open... if anyone has an update let us know.

      2. I second Pop and Kubo. Nix Joy - not exciting in the least. New in the area is the Comrade, which carries sandwiches and desserts from Brick St Bakery; has a lounge atmosphere.

        1. Don't forget Barrio, they serve brunch on Sat/Sun and you can definitely got a cocktail there.

          1. Real Jerk, according to a March'06 listing, opens at 2PM Sat if you're into that place. After a few Red Stripes, the food's probably OK..;>)