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Saturday lunch at Queen E and Broadview

Hi there,

Does anyone have any recommendations for a place near Queen E and Broadview where one can enjoy a leisurely sit down lunch with cocktails with in a relatively filth-free environment (so not Dangerous Dan's) on a Saturday afternoon?

Most of the places I've checked don't open until 5pm or later on Saturdays...

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  1. Pop Bistro is open for brunch,it's in that location!Actually there are a few spots within 5 mins. of there which are open for brunch. Joy Bistro, Kubo Radio, both on Queen, nearer to Logan. I don't know the websites, but you can look for that.

    1. The Burger Shoppe is set to open today in the area. I'm not sure if they will be open for lunches.

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        Went by The Burger Shoppe last night to try it out but looks like they have yet to open... if anyone has an update let us know.

      2. I second Pop and Kubo. Nix Joy - not exciting in the least. New in the area is the Comrade, which carries sandwiches and desserts from Brick St Bakery; has a lounge atmosphere.

        1. Don't forget Barrio, they serve brunch on Sat/Sun and you can definitely got a cocktail there.

          1. Real Jerk, according to a March'06 listing, opens at 2PM Sat if you're into that place. After a few Red Stripes, the food's probably OK..;>)

            1. Thanks for your responses folks, went to Kubo as it seemed to be the most un-brunch like lunch menu that was available (I should have been more clear - we were not interested in a brunch menu as we were looking for something a little more substantial to get us through to late evening).

              Kubo Radio was fairly empty when we walked in (shortly after 12:30), there were two tables seated near the bar, so we took our place at the booth along the back wall. We were seated promptly and given our menus. Coffee was offered by the server, which we greatfully accepted. Unbeknownst to us, this would be the last time the service would be prompt. My guest and I both ordered the same items for our meal: the daily dumplings (Beef Soup was the flavour of the day), and the yummy burger.

              The dumplings arrived soon after we ordered and the server who brought them informed us that he would be bringing us chopsticks, so we waited for them to be delivered. He then proceeded to bring one of the other tables their food, took coffee orders for a new table, went to the kitchen to discuss something with the chef, who followed him out to a table, then after a brief discussion with the chef and the table ordering, looked up at us and then ran to the bar to pick up our chopsticks. We had tired of waiting so we had begun to attack the dumplings with our forks. UNfortunately they had cooled, but they were tasty at room temperature and the dipping sauce was flavourful with a taste of strong beef reduction, wasabi and soy.

              By this time our coffees were empty and the female server came by and said "Oh I guess you'll want a top of of coffee huh?" ...Well if it isn't too much trouble, it would be nice I guess, but don't kill yourself over us, the lowly customer.

              The male server brought our burgers out, which we began to enjoy. I liked the panko crusted onion ring as it was crisp, oniony and sweet. The wasabi slaw served on top was flavourful and crisp, however the burger itself was bland and chewy, cooked well done all the way through. I don't know where the peking duck was but it's flavour wasn't in evidence in the burger. The (sweet potato I'm assuming) chips were a nice touch but the buns were kind of stale, and were dry in texture.

              When we had finished our mains, the waiter came by to pick up the plates and steamer baskets from the appetizers (yup they lingered on the table during our main course, which made for tight quarters as the tables are tiny). Knowing that Kubo is known for their cupcakes, we asked about what cupcakes were in stock, the server noted that there were no babycakes in stock (despite what the special menus and the grafitti written on the mirrors throughout the restaurant said), so we opted for juice.

              The juice was brought promptly and then we waited, waited and waited for the bill. However when the money was put in the folder, BOTH servers promptly came by to pick it up. Lunch for two came to $52.00. Food was decent but nothing special and the service really seemed to be an afterthought, I almost felt like I should have apologised to both servers for being there and demanding of their attentions.

              It was an okay meal but I wouldn't go back based on my experience. Maybe next time, I'll just go to Cajun Corner for a Muffaletta, coffee and beignets then hit one of the local dive bars for cocktails.

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                IMO, Kubo has always been over-rated. Not sure why. Their food is just OK. I much prefer Barrio, Pulp Kitchen and now Le Cafe Vert in that area.

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                  Mmmm... Cajun Corner. Had a shrimp po'boy and gumbo for lunch on Friday, tasty as usual.

                  As for Kubo... I find the service and the food can be kind of hit or miss. We still go occasionally for brunch but its not super high on the list.

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                    I agree with the others; I loved my first meal at Kubo, even though I considered it to be overpriced and small on portions when it came to the dumplings. My second meal was delivery and apart from the onion rings (which were to die for), the rest of the meal was bland and not worth the cost.

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                      Too bad...I tried Barrio on Saturday for lunch and it was great. Good food, service fantastic (friendly, attentive and prompt), and I loved the low key atmosphere. My friend and I ordered an omellete (with side salad), an open-faced duck and brie sandwich (with side salad) and an order of toasted baguette with jam and the total came to $28 including coffee and tea. Very worth it, and I will be going back to try dinner there.

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                        We were also at Barrio (again) for brunch on Saturday, seems like we are there every week of late... hard to beat the combo of great food, friendly service, and reasonable prices. Seems like it is starting to get busier for brunch of the weekends so word must be spreading.

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                        thanks for sharing your mediocre experience with us. it sounds remarkably similar to waht happened to me when i was there. the service was awful and it's absolutely not worth what the price you pay. as an upside, you shouldn't be upset about not trying their "legendary" babycakes b/c they are horrid. Cold (they come from a fridge), dry, stale, overly sweet, and a waste of money. i had to scrape off the icing b/c it was inedible to me. never going back.

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                          I agree about Kubo. After three disappointing visits I decided to ignore the hype and I will never return. I read this review recently and I hope it inspires the folks at Kubo to improve. http://www.thestar.com/artsentertainm...
                          BUT, I'm amazed that Brioche Bakery hasn't been mentioned on this page for a great place to eat. I went for lunch last weekend and tried their cauliflower quiche (amazing) my boyfriend had an omelet, with a half liter of wine the bill was $33.
                          The staff was friendly, the atmosphere was calming and the food was perfect. I highly recommend Brioche!