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Mar 2, 2007 09:44 AM

Fresh Black Cod/Sablefish/Butterfish

Has anyone seen fresh black cod (also known as sablefish or butterfish) in an SF fish market recently? I'm trying to track some down for a dinner party this weekend.

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  1. I bought some in Whole Foods south of market last weekend.

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      1. re: Debra Stuart

        I purchased it several times over the past months at SOMA Whole Foods. Every time I've wanted some, they've had plenty in stock.

      2. I've also bought it at Bryan's in Laurel Village. Cal Mart Laurel Village butchers/mongers can also carry it, and advised me to call a couple days ahead so they can be sure to have it.

        1. Nijiya, a Japanese grocery store in Japantown (corner of Post & Webster), always has black cod. It may be labeled by its Japanese name: "Gindara". But it's usually sliced crosswise and don't know if that suits how you want it.

          1. Anybody know nowadays where I can find black cod? I'm in soma, whole foods still carry it?

            1. Costco occasionally carries it, but you have to buy the entire thing rather than the more convenient fillets that WF provides (and charges 2.5x for).

              You can also pick it up any day from a quality Japanese market like Nijiya, which calls it "gindara" and slices it into small individual portions.