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Sardinian restaurants in New York?

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Any suggestions? Brooklyn and Queens work too...

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  1. azzensio might be sardinian...it's on east 4th bet. ave. a and b.

    1. I don't know if it's particularly Sardinian, but I know they have had some Sardinian specials and even a Sardinian wine at I Pisticci in Morningside Heights on LaSalle. One of the bartenders there is Sardinian.

      1. osteria del sole in the west village is sardinian, i think the owner is from there, very good food and cozy place

          1. outer boroughs but d.o.c. wine bar in williamsburg is ostensibly sardinian.

            1. Assenzio and Osteria del Sole are run by the same folks. Both are excellent and reasonably priced. The menus feature Ligurian dishes as well as Sardinian, as the partners are from those two regions.